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Day: March 16, 2014

Highlights of the week:10th – 13th March

Highlights of the week:10th – 13th March

Dear Parent,

Highlights OfThe Week are:-

Circle Time:

 Music & movement: Morning Strut , Opposites Song , Primary Colours

  • Free play Activity :Judo blocks, clay ,wooden blocks

  • Morning message : We will learn new things.

  • Word of the week: Curious

  • Visual art activity: Balloon Paper-mache

  • Listening Skills activity:
    The Greedy dog. (moral story)

  •  Read aloud:

  • Here we go round the world–Jane Belk Moncure,

  • OH!!– Kevin Henkes.

  • Little fur family By Margaret Wise Brown


  • Introduction of “op” family words(cop ,hop ,mop ,pop , top ,chop ,drop ,flop ,prop ,shop ,stop)

  • Summative Assessment


  • Tuesday : Writing of ‘op’ word family three times in the notebook and worksheet of sight words (where , said)

  • Thurday : Worksheet related to word families

Math :

  • Reading and plotting of Quarter Past concept of clock.

  • Introduction of subtraction through stories and rhymes.

  • Practice of subtraction through  manipulatives and workbook page nos. 98 ,99 and 105

  • Summative Assessment


Tuesday  : Workbook pg nos.100 and 101(subtraction)

 Friday: Workbook pg nos. 102 and 103 (subtraction) and worksheet on clock and      addition



Central Idea: Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Summative assessment was taken



Visit to Gir Sanctuary

Visit to Gir Sanctuary

Dear parents,

In reference to their upcoming unit on “Sharing the planet”,Grade 2 learners are going to visit the Gir Sanctuary in two batches.  A circular has been sent for the same.

Kindly find below the details of the trip: (like things to carry, schedule of the trip and transport information)

I hereby request all the parents to send their wards for this trip as it would be enriching learning experience for all of them. 😛

Sasan Nature Camp, Grade-2

Batch 1: 20,21,22                                         Batch 2: 22,23,24

Two (A.C) sleeper buses for each batch.

Fees :  Approx. 5350/- (Transportation, Food, Accommodation, Activity etc)

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
05:00am Departure From Surat Break fast Breakfast
Banana and flavored milk will be given in breakfast Jungle Safari Departure from Sasan
Lunch on the way in Hotel Lunch Lunch on the way in Hotel
Evening reached at Sasan. Devaliya Visit Reached Surat in the evening between 5-7pm
Camp Fun, Dhamal

Things to carry:

Torch, Hat/cap, Shawl/blanket/sleeping bag, Shoes, Slippers, Water Bottle, Note book, pen/pencil.Odomos, Homemade Snacks for the travel.

Personal medicine if any


  • Do not bring any valuable to the camp. Binoculars and camera to be brought at owners risk.
  • Medical facility in the form of first aid will be available and best care of the participants will be taken.

·         Simple vegetarian and nutritious food will be served.

( Sections- Invent, Discover,Wonder and Ponder) will be leaving on 20th March, Thursday and will be back by 22nd March.

The second batch( Sections-Dream, Explore, Think and Create) will be leaving on 22nd March and will be back on 24th March.