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Day: March 19, 2014

Grade 1 Amity: Light travels in a straight line!!

Grade 1 Amity: Light travels in a straight line!!

Light travels in a straight line.

 Students were divided into groups of 5 and were given different materials like cardboard, torch and a CD rack. Students were instructed to explore the material. Later they were instructed to use and arrange the given card boards in such a way that light passes through each of the card board. After this activity teacher took an inquiry and students reflected that when they made holes in the same place in all the card boards and arranged them in a straight line, they were able to see the light passing from one end to the other.

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Priyanka Chhabra

Grade 1 Amity- Sound can pass through solid and liquid!!

Grade 1 Amity- Sound can pass through solid and liquid!!

Sound can pass through solid and liquid

To introduce this property the experiments were divided:

1st experiment: students kept their ear on the table and from the other end of the table one sound like tapping was made by other student. This proved that sound can pass through solid material.

2nd experiment: students were given an object  like bell and  water bucket. They kept the bell inside the water and tried to listen to the sound. This proved that sound can pass through liquid as well.

IMG_20140306_102812 IMG_20140306_102822 IMG_20140306_102825 IMG_20140306_102836 IMG_20140306_102845 IMG_20140306_102859 IMG_20140306_102911 IMG_20140306_102921 IMG_20140306_102937 IMG_20140306_102942 IMG_20140306_102949 IMG_20140306_103004 IMG_20140306_103020 IMG_20140306_103031 IMG_20140306_103036 IMG_20140306_103044 IMG_20140306_103056 IMG_20140306_103102 IMG_20140306_103107


Priyanka Chhabra

International Youth Conference at The Doon School.

International Youth Conference at The Doon School.

Dear Students,

Following is the details of one upcoming conference:


2nd International Youth Conference –“Changing Weather Patterns”– April 21st  & 22nd , 2014

The Doon School, Dehradun in collaboration with The Achievers Programme (TAP), Chandigarh is organizing 2nd International Youth Conference “Earth and Man! –Changing Weather Patterns“ on 21st & 22nd  April,2014.


This, Changing Weather Patterns conference is a call to our young people to understand environmental problems that plague our world and take action for making a positive impact, they are encouraged to assume their roles as youth leaders in the area of Earth Sciences and find appropriate solutions to some of the problems that persist.


The conference provides opportunity for students, leaders of tomorrow, to interact, network and establish ties that transcend cultural diversity and geographical barriers; it hopes to nurture International understanding and co-operation in making the world a better place for all.


Conference Overview

Venue:  The Doon School, Dehradun, India

No. of participants:  2 students + 1 teacher, per school

Theme: Changing Weather Pattern


The students should come prepared to make a 7 to 8 minutes presentation on the theme of the conference. Some of the topics that could be looked at are:

1. Biodiversity

2. Economy

3. Billion Acts of green

4. Sustainable cities


Students are free to present their thoughts in any form such as a power point presentation, a skit, a song, or through art, or a combination of the above.


The conference will start on 21st April at 9.00 am and end after Gala Dinner at 9.30 pm on 22nd April.



  • Only two students will be registered from each school.
  • EVM students will be given priority for this conference.
  • Approximate cost for the conference will be… Rs. 20,000 (by train) OR Rs. 30,000 (By flight) [Travel, Registration fee, accommodation, Food – all included]


Grade 1 Amity-Sound can only be produced through vibration!!

Grade 1 Amity-Sound can only be produced through vibration!!

Sound can only be produced through vibration

 To introduce this property, students were divided into groups and 4 and exploration tables were arranged in the classroom. On the 1st table, combs were kept. On 2nd table, a steel scale, 3rd table had a round jar, a balloon and a rubber band, and on the 4th table, the  students were instructed to keep their hand on their throat and were asked to speak or shout, then were asked what they felt.

IMG_20140304_111757 IMG_20140304_111803 IMG_20140304_111810 IMG_20140304_112125 IMG_20140304_112128 IMG_20140304_112134 IMG_20140304_112141 IMG_20140304_112146 IMG_20140304_112201 IMG_20140304_112208 IMG_20140304_112229 IMG_20140304_112239 IMG_20140304_112342 IMG_20140304_112420 IMG_20140304_112440 IMG_20140304_112444 IMG_20140304_112525 IMG_20140304_112530 IMG_20140304_112539 IMG_20140304_112540 IMG_20140304_112623 IMG_20140304_112625 IMG_20140304_112650 IMG_20140304_112652 IMG_20140304_112802



Priyanka Chhabra

Grade 1 Amity- Event- Poem Recitation

Grade 1 Amity- Event- Poem Recitation

Dear Parents

On 10th March, Grade 1 students participated in the Literary event- Poem recitation.

Students were very excited and performed with full of enthusiasm.

We are happy to announce the results  of the event:

The winners are:

Sunay Kabra– 1st position from Unity house.

Harshil Jain- 2nd position from Dignity house.

Shubha Kedia– 3rd position from Dignity house.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners.


Priyanka Chhabra


Grade 8_Vivacity_Math_H.W for the day_19/03/2014

Grade 8_Vivacity_Math_H.W for the day_19/03/2014

Subject: Math

Topic: Sequences

Type of work: Non-research based

Duration: Maximum 30 minutes

H.W to be done by tomorrow:

(Following are the practice sums for Sequences).

Q1.  Write an explicit formula for each sequence.  Also  find the 43rd term of the sequence.

1)       12, 14, 16, 18,…..

2)      2, 13, 24, 35,…..

3)      21, 15, 9, 3,……


Q2.  Determine that the sequence is arithmetic. Identify the common difference.

Create an explicit formula using the first term in the sequence and  the common difference.

 1)      3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23,……

2)      110, 103, 96, 89, 82, 75,….


Q3.    Find the indicated term of the given sequence:

1) 9, 4, 1, 6,…      (a16)

2) 21 3,9,15,21,…       (a21)


Q4.  Write an explicit formula for each sequence. Then, find the next term.

1) 4,5,6,7,8,…

2) 2,5,10,17, 26,…





Grade 1 Amity- Activity related to element- Air

Grade 1 Amity- Activity related to element- Air

Tuning in for the unit on Air:

Students were taken to the school playground and the teacher instructed them to observe and feel the things around. Later, the teacher conducted an inquiry where students mentioned that they could feel air. The teacher took the discussion further and explained the difference between air and wind.

IMG_20140214_091746 IMG_20140214_092826 IMG_20140214_092832 IMG_20140214_092849


Property of Air:

Air occupies space:  students  performed an  activity where they had to blow a balloon with the help of an air pump or by mouth. After this activity the teacher took the discussion on what happened to the balloon. Students reflected that because of the air in the balloon was inflate . Students also came up with real life connection and stated that air is also used to inflate toys,bicycle tyres, footballs,volleyballs, etc.

IMG_20140218_124436 IMG_20140218_124441 IMG_20140218_124448 IMG_20140218_124450 IMG_20140218_124455 IMG_20140218_124500 IMG_20140218_124503 IMG_20140218_124507 IMG_20140218_124511 IMG_20140218_124516 IMG_20140218_124519 IMG_20140218_124524 IMG_20140218_124529 IMG_20140218_124538 IMG_20140218_124545 IMG_20140218_124548


Priyanka Chhabra