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Day: March 24, 2014

Highlights and homework of 24th March

Highlights and homework of 24th March


Language : A poem ‘My Aunt’ from Empowering English Chapter  ‘Short Lived Pleasure’ was recited and discussed in the class. The questions given were discussed and answered in the Language notebook.

Homework : 

LanComplete the 10th answer from Empowering English ‘The Aunt’ and also complete the answers that you could not complete in the class.

Mentoring session was taken in the Circle Time.

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Highlights and Homework of 24/3/14

Highlights and Homework of 24/3/14

Thought of the day –

Keep learning from what life brings. – Anonymous

Language –

The poem ‘The Flattered Flying Fish’ was read by the students. Recitation with expression was also done in the class, which was followed by the explanation and discussion of the poem as well as the question – answers.


Lang – Complete the given task on pg. 115 of Empowering English in your language notebook. (needs to be submitted tomorrow)

1 worksheet of Matilda( Ch. 5 and 6) needs to be submitted on Wednesday.


Highlights and Homework of 24th March

Highlights and Homework of 24th March

Thought of the Day:

We can’t do great things in this life . . .
We can only do small things with great love.

— Mother Theresa



The poem ‘My Aunt’ from Empowering English was read and discussed in class. The learners did the task given in Empowering English on Pg. 113 in their Language notebook.

Design for school class was taken today.


Language: Read the poem ‘The Flattered Flying Fish’ and do the task given in Empowering English on Pg. 114 needs to be done in Language notebook.

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Recap of the day 24-03-2014

Recap of the day 24-03-2014

U.O.I.: Learners reflected on the trip to Gir National Park and Sanctuary, while the other learners wrote reflection on the documentaries shown on Saturday.

Library: Learners issued books from the central library.

Homework: Class library book has been sent with a reflection sheet.

Single Subject: P.S.

Note: Health form has been sent with the learners today, kindly sign it and send it back tomorrow without fail.

Recap of the day- 24/3/2014

Recap of the day- 24/3/2014

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners wrote reflection on Gir Trip in the reflection journal provided to them.


1) Learners checked the language worksheet.

2) Learners revised demonstrative pronouns orally by watching a video on it.

3) Learners were introduced verb tenses (past, present and future) through a P.P.T.. They also wrote sentences on it in the language notebook.

4) Learners were introduced spellings of the week- “paragraph, nature, human beings, action, affect, responsibility, though, common, demonstrative and pronoun”. Later on, the meaning of these words were discussed and they also framed sentences orally using the same.



Learners have to solve the given mixed bag worksheet.


Kindly sign the health check up record of your child and send it by tomorrow without fail.


Disha Thakkar.


Parent Feedback Form – Early Years

Parent Feedback Form – Early Years

Dear Parent,

We believe that every parent has an opinion about their child’s education and the school’s administration. We are giving you an opportunity to voice your opinion.

It’s as easy as a click of a mouse. You are required to fill out an online feedback form sent to your school’s email id, and also available on the school blog (please refer to this link – Parent Feedback Form (Early Years). To access this form you have to log out from any other Gmail account (s) (if logged in) and then login with school’s email id.

There are questions ranging from the HRT to subject teachers and the administrative support.

All responses will remain confidential.

Your feedback/suggestions will be taken into consideration and could change the way we operate in the future.

The last date to fill this form is 10th April, 2014.


Fountainhead School

G 7 Important note (Science summative assessment)

G 7 Important note (Science summative assessment)

Dear Students,

For tomorrow’s science summative assessment you need to prepare following topics:

1. Ecology and its vocabulary   2. Food chains and food webs  3. Adaptations and examples

4. Biodiversity and methods of investigating a habitat for plant and animal life.

For the syllabus you need to refer your text books and notes given in the class, while for the topic adaptation please refer the updated  presentation on adaptation of G7 Idea, shared with you all.

Some of the leftover links of videos for reference are:

Biodiversity ( adaptation song) ( adaptations in plants) ( bat echolocation)  ( adaptation in camels)

All the best!