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Day: March 31, 2014

Highlights & Home-work-Grade-5, Alliance

Highlights & Home-work-Grade-5, Alliance


Poetry recitation competition: As part of their literary conducted throughout the academic session, grade-5 today had their 3 literary event- poetry recitation competition.

Math- The learners solved some word problems on decimals, fractions and percentage. 

Lang- Class discussion on basic rules of subject-verb agreement followed by an exercise which was also discussed in the class.
UOI- Bullying policy of the school was discussed and a class discussion was taken which helped them realize that during this stage we all are different.

Lang- A worksheet on Verbs
Math- Complete solving the word problems given in the class. You can also revise  the concepts for fraction, decimals and percentage with the help of the links below given:-
Recap of the day (31st March 2014)

Recap of the day (31st March 2014)


Learners read few pages from new reader. They also solved worksheet based on the reader.

Learners were asked to write 5 sentences on daily routine keeping present tense in the mind.

10 new words were given and explained the meaning of the same.

[Read Aloud]

Clifford’s spring clean up by Norman Bridewell.


Learners wrote tables of 0 and 1 in their Math notebook.

They also practice carroll diagram based on sibling data of the class.


Comprehension workbook sent.

Recap of the day – 31/3/2014

Recap of the day – 31/3/2014

[Circle Time]

Learners recited the poem “Kind Words” written by “Henry W Longfellow”

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners saw 2 videos related to the unit and wrote reflection through a graphic organizer.


(1) Learners did a comprehension from the comprehension workbook.

(2) Learners practiced verb tenses through base words.

Base Words Present Tense Past  Tense Future Tense
break break/breaks broke will break


Learners were introduced the multiplication sign (X) with the help of an example. Later on, they were also introduced the definition of “Multiplier”, “Multiplicand” and “Product”.

For eg:- 5 groups of 3. Replace (groups of) with (X) sign, i. e 5 x 3= 15

Here, 5 is a Multiplier (The number which you are multiplying by.)

3 is a Multiplicand (The number that gets multiplied.)

15 is the product (The answer that you get.)

Further, learners were given 5 examples where they sorted the multiplier, multiplicand and product. eg:- (5×4=20)







(2) Learners were also introduced with commutative properties of multiplication – Property of Zero and Property of One.


No homework for the day – Enjoy!!!!!


Recap of the day 31-03-2014

Recap of the day 31-03-2014

Language: Learners were read a few pages from the new reader.

Math: Learners solved a worksheet on Carroll Diagram.

U.O.I.: Learners uncovered the Central Idea “Humans make choices that can have an impact on animals” and T.D.T. of the ongoing unit “Sharing the Planet” through word search.

Homework: Class library book is given as homework.

Single Subject: P.E. and Hindi.

Note: Attendance badges are given today.

Highlights of the day 31st Mar.’14

Highlights of the day 31st Mar.’14

‘Actions speak louder than words.’

Circle time: Meditation. Discussion on ‘Thought of the Day’. A short story was read aloud from “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera to explain the thought.

Practice for X-Box.

UOI: Discussion on homework.


Note: Learn your scripts/dialogues thoroughly.

Checkpoint Exam Schedule and Venue

Checkpoint Exam Schedule and Venue

9:15 to 10:25 – Paper 1
10:25 to 10:55 – Break
11:00 to 12:10 – Paper 2
Venue: Pulse
Please leave your bags in the classroom and reach Pulse with ONLY the required stationery. Please remember that you have to write the paper with either a black or a blue ink pen.