PYP-Exhibition Update

PYP-Exhibition Update

The PYP Exhibition unit began with the simulated conflict between the Grade 6 teachers which was solved using OPV (Other People’s Views) and CAF (Considering All Factors). Students watched the movie, “Chillar Party” to get the key words of the TDT and Central idea. The movie was an eye-opener for them and they realized that Action requires a lot of brainstorming, creativity and can be taken by children as young as them.

The Central idea –Finding peaceful solutions to conflicts leads to a better quality of human life, was revealed through a crossword puzzle and the prior knowledge was assessed through questions based on the TDT and Central idea.

During the PEACE activity students in groups were asked to represent PEACE on chart paper through quotes, images etc. and then move to another group’s art work and destroy it. They were then asked to return to their tables and re-construct their chart .This activity evoked responses like- It is easy to hate but difficult to love.

A read-aloud of Catch the Crocodile, made them realize that big problems can have simple solutions. Guest speaker session by Mr.Vardan Kabra, HOS, helped them understand certain real-life conflicts and the probable solutions Students learnt that conflicts can be resolved peacefully by implementing 7 Habits, kindness and using I-Statements. The video on The Zaks helped students understand the importance of understanding others perspectives.

Students were shown videos, photographs of issues and asked to map them to our POI. Students also learnt the various forms of taking Action-Awareness, Aide, Advocacy through videos and DFC (feel, imagine, do and share).

Students were then asked to choose 5 topics/issues that were close to their hearts in order of importance, and the probable Actions to solve the issues. Based on the topics they were grouped into 15 groups having 4 members each. Each group is assigned a mentor and under the able guidance of the Mentors students have been working on their research –primary, secondary research through surveys, interviews, books, internet, meeting experts etc.

They are also creating their Action plan to solve/curb the issues. With just two more weeks to go for the PYP Exhibition, the Grade 6 classrooms are filled with enthusiastic learners all set to-Be the change they want to see in the world!!!

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