Recap for the day 31st March

Recap for the day 31st March

Settling Time:

Practiced mixed sums of addition and subtraction.


Learners watched a PPT on Verb Tenses and did an exercise relating to the same.

Completed reading the reader.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Watched 2 videos on the unit “Sharing the planet” and had an open ended discussion on the same including the importance of life cycle.


Learners were introduced with Power point Presentation and the use of it. They were even explained the various features of it. For example: slides, layout, etc.


Learners have to do the pages marked in their comprehension workbook.

Note: Learners need to complete the story made by them in “Story Jumper” and get the print of it by Wednesday. They have already been given the deadline to finish it long back. Parents, kindly make sure the child finish it by Wednesday.

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