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Grade 10 – Coordinated Science (Biology) and general points to be remembered

Grade 10 – Coordinated Science (Biology) and general points to be remembered

Dear students,

This is a very good site for Biology suggested by Uttam sir.

Points to focus:

1. Key definitions from textbook or syllabus.

2. You should know where to use word high and low, increase and decrease, greater surface area in the graph and your answers.

3. Use the word mentioned in the paragraph in your answer when a comprehension has been given.

e.g. The color of the white moth changed to black moth during industrial revolution.

While writing the answer the word white or black moth should be used.

4. Please go through all the diagrams of your textbook which can be asked for labeling.

5. Label everything using ruler and pencil preferably on one side of the diagram.

6.Use only HB pencil in objective paper (OMR sheets).

7. Read the textbook and syllabus and focus on key points .

8. The key words should be present in the answer.

9. Focus on units when answering a question. Wherever required convert the units.

10. There is only one formula to remember in Biology.

Biological magnification = Size of the image / Actual size of the object

11. For drawing a genetic diagram. The sequence is as below.

Parent                               1                                                                    2

Genotype                       TT                                                            tt

Phenotype                  Tall plant                                           Dwarf plant

Gametes                    T                     T                                            t                                 t

F1 generation         (In form of a square) or combinations.

Result                          Tt                     Tt

Phenotype           Tall                 Tall

Ratio  1: 1 (Phenotypic ratio)

Ratio  1:1   ( Genotypic ratio)

Similarly, you can make crosses using Tt with Tt   or Tt and TT or Tt and tt. You can practice it.






Glimpse of Pot luck party

Glimpse of Pot luck party

IMG_8402  IMG_8404   IMG_8407 IMG_8408  IMG_8410  IMG_8412   IMG_8415 IMG_8416  IMG_8418  IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422  IMG_8424 IMG_8425 IMG_8426  IMG_8428  IMG_8430  IMG_8432  IMG_8434

My Rumination after having my last 4 months in Surat ambiance about students & parents

My Rumination after having my last 4 months in Surat ambiance about students & parents

No tuition Policy
SAIBSA(DP Job Alike Session)- Words from my facilitator Mou Maiti with a very mild expression on which we performed SKIT in Mumbai (People in India are going for Tuition…..Hey Men ! What is Tuition?, we are not aware about this word in education. This is the actual state by her while she was in Sydney).
Moving to key-point- Everyday I heard 3 60 degree about a” T” word everywhere ….not getting this word actually as per practical sense is it status symbol of fashion or a social get-together of wasting the valuable time. ( A stitch in time saves nine! ) . Students talking about tuition. Some going for a few tuition & some going for 5.6 tuition’s….. Don’t you think it’s crazy to fill your time with this T word ? Do you think that T can help you in your studies ? A little, ittua sa yes , but mainly, it’s about your own attitude. If you can discipline yourself a few solid hours at home, a few hours of exercising, and a good night’s sleep, you will achieve the results you desire.
Point of highlight-
If one spends one’s time day with tuition, would one have time for hobbies? Nowadays, parents want all of their children to be better to them. They put so much pressure on them that sometimes the children get harried. With school from seven in the morning till two in the afternoon, then from three till five and seven till nine at night filled with tuition, when would one have time for hobbies? If this is repeated daily, when would one have time for hobbies? Hobbies like collecting stamps, collecting signatures will take a back seat. One can obtain information by collecting stamps. One can learn about the names of different countries. Nowadays, nobody talks about hobbies but tuition.

Tuition is a waste of time, because time is spent getting to tuition and that time can be spent revising. Imagine, if a person going to tuition spends 2 hours revising, the person revising at home, can spend three hours revising, because the time spent traveling is saved. Furthermore, you save money also. Tuition costs money, and oil used to fuel the cars also cost money. You learn to be more independent to, because you will learn the art of studying, and this might help you in future.

Tuition doesn’t encourage you to think. You are being spoon-fed. This would not help you in future, because one needs the ability to think to excel in the working world. The worse part is, some students go tuition to socialize. Isn’t this a waste of time? Of course! They waste money, time and resources. Socializing is not bad, but one should find the right time to do it. Finally my views about tuition is very big no for our FS ambiance.

Uttam Maheshwari
IBDP & MY (Physics)
Hope you agreed with my state.
Grade : 10 Physics Diet, Day-2

Grade : 10 Physics Diet, Day-2

Dear students, hope you started with Physics bullet point in very ease manner. In terms of Physics diet you started your course with starter as Unit P1 & P2. Now moving with main course of your diet with P3 & P4 for day 2.

Special note-: single * means just a read particular point, double ** need to practice, *** means probability for question (as pe r past paper analysis)

P3-: Energy, Work & Power

(a) Energy and work are same thing. Unit of energy/work is J.

Note- Please not mention unit as Joule or Joules because it is name of a person. You have to focus on appropriate symbols & notation for units. IGCSE deduct marks in terms of incorrect unit.

e.g If any question containing 3 marks, asking calculate energy. 3 marks will be divided in sub-section with equal mark distribution as 1 mark for formula, 1 mark for working, 1 mark for answer with appropriate unit notation. If answer is 0.41 A and you mention answer as only 0.41 or o.41 ampere so 1 mark will be deducted from 3 marks and score 2 from 3 only.

**(b) Key term as potential energy & kinetic energy with calculation based questions on kinetic energy or velocity.

(c)Diagram based question on energy conversation.(Real life)

(d)Nuclear fusion & fission

**(e) Energy efficiency formula and calculation based question on energy with direct given input & output or indirect same quantities.

Note-: Each & every efficiency will be in % only and max efficiency for any machine will be 100 % only which is practically not possible and can’t beyond this limit.( After observing 2 participant answer in paper as 132%)

***(f)Work done = force X distance (actually its displacement) and Power = work done/time taken or energy /time.

Calculation based question on following 2 formulas Unit of power will be only W, not  watts or watt.

P 4-: Kinetic molecular model of matter

(a) Difference between solids, liquids, gases (molecular structure, inter-molecular distance, foces, motion)

(b)Effects of temperature, volume and pressure on gas in various constant or variable situation.

***(c) Evaporation-:Practice more real life application based question on evaporation. ( in terms of movement of particles, temperature, surface area)

Specially in terms of movement use key word as velocity & kinetic energy and craft your answer for getting full marks without deduction ( Most of students written diffusion & osmosis)

(d) Variation (change) in pressure as per different altitude.


Uttam Maheshwari

Updated Fountainhead School No-tuition policy that will be enforced

Updated Fountainhead School No-tuition policy that will be enforced

Dear Parents,

Over the last 2-3 years, especially the last year, the essence of the Fountainhead no-tuition policy was being diluted – more so with the increasing number of students in the Middle Years. Over the last year, we are seeing the increasingly negative impacts of this trend on the students. And now it has started hampering the quality of the learning environment in the school as well.

Unfortunately, as a school while we have been advocating the same message consistently, we haven’t taken any punitive action as yet. Many parents have assumed that breaking this policy is something that the school is fine with. We want to put a full stop to this from the upcoming academic year. It is common culture in Surat to send children to tuitions, and horrifyingly from Jr. KG. itself. We want to make it very clear that we don’t want our students going for tuitions.

In this policy, we have added a lot more reasons, while addressing the few genuine cases where tuitions may actually be required for a limited period. We have added clear implementable consequences in cases where there are slip-ups.

A copy of the policy is also being handed over to you on the PTC/SLC day. It has now also been updated on our web site: click here.

We have also created two videos to spread the same message. We request that you go through both to understand why we want to strongly enforce this no-tuition policy:

  • Detailed-video (< 12 min) which is in the format of a panel discussion, where we mention detailed reasons behind our view point : click here
  • Short-video (< 2 min) which gives a quick glimpse of our message: click here (also embedded at the bottom of this post)

Looking forward to your cooperation,

Vardan Kabra

Head of School

(On behalf of the entire Fountainhead Staff)