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Month: July 2014

Grade8_English_Unit test2_Links for revision

Grade8_English_Unit test2_Links for revision

Dear students,

As some of you had requested, following are the links for revision of topics for unit test 2. These are general practice links and are optional.

Delay in posting in regretted.

Grade 1 Literary Event

Grade 1 Literary Event

Dear parents,

We are organizing the first literary event of the year 2014-15. The objective of literary events is to enrich and develop the soft skills and literary skills in writing, reading & thinking amongst the students through various literary activities. It aims at providing a platform to the students where they can unleash their creativity; it also helps to initiate a multidimensional thinking process.

The following is the schedule for the upcoming event:

Class Day Date Event
Truth/Amity 3 11/08/2014 Recitation
 Harmony/Trust 4 12/08/2014 Recitation
Peace/Joy 5 13/08/2014 Recitation
Concord/Hope 5 13/08/2014 Recitation


The poem should be unique, (Not a nursery rhyme) and should be stapled in the communication diary.

Auditions for all the classes will be held on 7th August 2014.

Students selected for the competition will be informed through the communication diary/mail.

Results will be announced within a week.


Grade 1 Team

Grade 5 Reciprocity Homework for 31/7/14

Grade 5 Reciprocity Homework for 31/7/14

Math -: Watch the video on Khan Academy. The link is given below -:

After watching the video, attempt the following sums in words and represent it pictorially -:

a.)    5/9      b.) 2/3     c.)1/7    d.)3/8     e.)  4/9

UOI -: All those students who have not completed their homework posted yesterday complete it by tomorrow. Refer to the blog posted yesterday.