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Day: August 7, 2014

Grade 5 Reciprocity 7/8/14

Grade 5 Reciprocity 7/8/14

[Highlight Of The Day]


UOI -: Learners understood the concept of predator, prey, cooperation and  competition in detail which exist in the food web so as to survive and balance an ecosystem.

Learners attempted the Math ASSET exam.

AIE -: Learners enthusiastically started the first session of AIE programme.


UOI -: Go to the link on blendspace mentioned below -:

Go through task number 17 and 18.

Answer the following Questions in the UOI notebook -:

  1. What are differences between mutualism and commensalism? Give an example of each.
  2. Define the following terms -: Predator, prey,symbiotic relationship and competition.

Language: Prepare for presentation of the scary story written by you.

Grade 9: Biology Homework

Grade 9: Biology Homework

Type of homework: Worksheet

Topic: Movement in and out of cell

Duration: 30 minutes

Date of submission: 13th August,2014 (Day 5).

Dear Students,

Along with worksheet you are also suppose to solve questions of chapter ” Movement in and out of cell” given in green box (Questions from 3.1 to 3.16) and revision questions (pink box) from biology textbook. Submission date for this home work is 13th August,2014 (Day 5).


Bhargavi and Pooja.

Physics Update & Homework

Physics Update & Homework

Dear students tomorrow will be submission date for notebook checking, so carry your Physics notebook with you and submit the same in Science lab before lunch break.

Update- Unit test for topic P.2 -Matter & forces

Date-  Day -1 (New time table), 26th August.

Note- Puttam.IGCSE.P2Matter & forcespt is attached below for Matter & Forces prepared on the basis of IGCSE COS Syllabus – (0654) Physics section.


Uttam & Manish

Recap of the day – 7th August 2014

Recap of the day – 7th August 2014

Settling Time:

Learners found 3 opposite from the class.

E.g. white – black

Unit of Inquiry:

Learners reflected on the ‘Marathi tradition’ through class discussion.


Learners were told the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bear’ and from that they found the story elements as What the story contains?, Where did the story take place?, When the story took place?, Who were the characters in the story?, Why did the story take place (the reason)?

Language Development:

Learners revised the grammar concept through Language with Ease reference book.


Learners practiced subtraction using montero cubes in the groups of 4. After that learners wrote the steps of ‘Subtraction Algorithm’ which will be explained tomorrow.

Music and Movement:

Learners enjoyed music and movement on ‘Ram Sam’.



Learners need to draw the clock and demonstrate the time:

1.) Mahi wakes up at half past 6, she takes 45 minutes to get ready for school. At what time does she get ready to leave for school?