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Day: August 8, 2014

G-6 Excogitate Homework for 8th Aug’14

G-6 Excogitate Homework for 8th Aug’14


1. Read the page and write your understanding about good governance in your UOI NB – 

2. Work on “My Journal as a responsible citizen” ( Due date of completion and teacher’s check – 18th August)



1. Work for debate- you should have few points for the team. Write your points in Language notebook so that you can share them with your team tomorrow and help the speakers .

2. Complete the doc questions and the quiz.

formative assessment for gr5

formative assessment for gr5

Revised the following  lesson : कहानी अदभुत प्रतिभा, सुबह और मेला for formative assessment.

date for formative assessment

13/8/2014  Day 5(wed.)-consortium, conglomerate, alliance

14/8/2014 day 6(thu) -synergy, reciprocity, symbiosis conglomerate, and calition



Grade 7: Maths, 2nd Unit test details

Grade 7: Maths, 2nd Unit test details

Dear students,

This is to inform you all that next Math unit test will be taken on 14th August (Thursday), 2014 on the below mentioned topics-

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Place value, Ordering and Rounding

Total marks will be Thirty and time limit will be 45 mins. Students are recommended to revise both the chapters for the upcoming unit test.


Saolee Roy





Qs=100+10P , Qd=300-30P

1.Create a table to show the demand and supply schedule with prices of $0, $3, $5, $7 and $9
2.Create a demand cure and plot the points from your demand schedule
3.Show the equilibrium quantity bought and sold.
4.Using the two functions, solve for the equilibrium price and quantity.

Assume that the above demand function changes to Qd=380-30P

1.Make a new supply and demand schedule for  all the prices of above question(Question1)
2.Plot the points on this new schedule
3.Show the excess demand at the original price.
4.Calculate the excess demand using the old equilibrium and the current demand and supply functions.


Submission Date: Day 6 (Thursday 14th August)