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Day: August 14, 2014

Hindi H.W For Grade 9 EUREKA

Hindi H.W For Grade 9 EUREKA

हिंदी गृहकार्य  –

(संपर्क)लिंक में दिए गए आलेख ’नेता जी सुभाष चंद्र बोस’ को पढ़कर   नीचे दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर  संक्षेप में दीजिए |



जन्म तिथि और स्थान ———————

कितने भाई और बहनें ————————–

गाँधी जी को सबसे पहले क्या कहकर संबोधित किया था ?————————-

इंग्लैंड के खिलाफ लड़ाई में नेताजी को कौन – कौन  भविष्य का मित्र दिखाई पड़ रहा था- ———————-

पत्नी और बेटी का नाम ————————–

भारत को स्वतंत्र कराने के उद्देश्य  से किसकी स्थापना की ?———————————-

संगठन के प्रतीक चिह्न पर एक झंडे पर किसका  चित्र बना होता था————————————-

आप नेता जी के जीवन की किस घटना से प्रभावित हुए हैं ? ८०-१०० शब्दों में लिखें ?


आप किसी ऐसे स्वतंत्रता सेनानी के बारे में लिखें जिनसे आप प्रभावित हुए हैं और क्यों हुए ? आप अपने जीवन में उनसे प्रभावित होकर क्या बदलाव लाये हैं?१००-१५० शब्दों में लिखें

Fruit Day and Vegetable Day in Glimmer

Fruit Day and Vegetable Day in Glimmer

In our going unit of inquiry, our learners are getting to know about components of healthy lifestyle. We have done hygiene, rest, recreation and exercise. Now, we will be looking at ‘Food’ as a component of healthy lifestyle. The first food group we have taken is fruits. For this , yesterday we celebrated ‘Fruits Day’ in Sr.Kg.

Learners brought different fruits for the first meal break. All the fruits were cut and shared amongst them. Learners enjoyed eating different fruits.

We discussed :

  • which are the different fruits,
  • what nutrients we get from the fruits,
  • why we should eat fruits daily (importance of having fruits in our daily meal).

After the discussion, learners colored worksheets of Fruit group.

After having Fruits Day yesterday,  we celebrated Vegetables Day today.

Learners bought their favourite vegetables for the first meal break. ( most of the kids brought lady’s finger!!) We showed them real vegetables, video of vegetables and then discussed the importance of vegetables in our daily diet.

Learners were informed that the colour of Vegetable Group as per the food plate, is green. Learners colored worksheet of vegetables.

Kindly encourage your kids to eat different fruits and vegetables daily.

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Math guided play …

Math guided play …

Learners were divided in four groups as per the four centers. The centers had objects related to texture, hardness, weight and size. They had to arrange these objects as smooth to rough, hard to soft, light to heavy and small to big respectively. 

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Highlights of the week (11th-14th August)

Highlights of the week (11th-14th August)

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of this week:

Circle Time:

  • Rhymes- : I twiddle my thumb, Little rain drops, Ramu Ramu and Cleanliness.
  • Music and movement- Morning strut song
  • Word of the week- Hygiene, Balanced, Recreation
  • Read Aloud :

1) The best Time of Day by Valerie Flournoy

2)No clean clothes by Robert Munsch

  • Structured Drill : I exercise because……………….
  • Aural video: Reinforcement of clock and routine :-


Revision of “an” family words were done through a number of activities:-

  • matching words with flash cards
  • colouring of “an” family booklet
  • listening to ”an” family video

Learning Center:

LC for sight words (two,are,put,any,old,why,her,his,has,out,put,did ,day,,can) was conducted . Following were the centers:-

  • sight words from the reader ,” Ten Apples On Top” , had to be highlighted , from pages 1 to 5 .
  • learners had to write any 5 sight words on the slate
  • bingo of sight words was played
  • learners had to read the sight words from the reading booklet .

Guided Play:

  • Center 1) : Learners had  to write words( as many as they could remember) of the given word family with a chalk , on a slate.Then they made a  tower using thermocol glasses with the words they had written . The one who made the tallest tower was declared the winner.
  • Center 2) : Learners had to sort the flash cards of different family words mixed together in a basket.
  • Center 3)  Remaining 10  practiced writing “am” family words in the notebook.

Homework :

Tuesday : Worksheet on “an” word family.

Friday : Write “an” word family 3 times in the notebook
Math :

  • Reinforcement of o’clock concept was done through various activities :-

1) learners had to draw hands of the clock as per the time given, on the laminated clock sheet.

2)  They had to match the time on the clock mentioned in the sheet, with a striker, on which time was written.

  • The concept of Tens and Ones was revised through a worksheet.
  • Number names from 1 to 3 were introduced through a number name booklet followed by writing in the notebook.

Learning centers:-

1- The learners were given set of 3 numbers which they had to represent through montero cubes.

2- The learners had to  place 10 objects (rangometry) in the laminated sheet to form the given numbers.

3- The learners had to represent numbers through the colourful Fryums.

4- The learners had to make numbers from jodo blocks.

In all the centers they had to make/represent the numbers using the concept of ones and tens.

Guided Play:

Learners were divided in four groups as per the four centers. The centers had objects related to texture, hardness, weight and size. They had to arrange these objects as smooth to rough, hard to soft, light to heavy and small to big respectively.

Homework :

Tuesday : Writing of number names from 1 to 3 , five times in the notebook.

Friday : Worksheet on Tens and Ones


Discussion of the following components of balanced lifestyle was done:-

  • REST :- The kids enjoyed the game “ Fire on the mountain run, run, run” and they did it several times, after which they got tired. Then the word “Rest” was derived. Importance of rest was discussed and focus was laid on “early to bed, early to rise”.

Sleep log was sent to the learners to give them an understanding of taking proper rest.

  • RECREATION :- The word ‘mazaa’, ‘fun’ etc. was derived from children after making a story like if they had to just eat, sleep, go to school, do homework….again repeat the same things daily then what will happen???They said, “bore ho gaayenge.” Then the question was asked – what is missing? and they came up with the term “recreation”. Through different examples they were explained that recreation means activities done for enjoyment.

Then Learners were asked as to “what do they do during their free time?  What are their hobbies?”  This was followed by a reflection of Recreation (what do kids do during their free time?)


(Fruits):- Introduction of food plate was done. Students were given an insight that to have a “full plate” we should include fruits in our daliy diet.Hence , fruit day was celebrated . They were informed that the colour of fruit group is “Red”.A video related to fruits was shown :-

Importance of fruits for our body was discussed.

(Vegetables) :- Importance of vegetables was discussed. A video related to the same was shown:-

They were informed that the color of vegetable group is “Green”.

P.S: Keep discussing the above mentioned points and terms to help them enhance their understanding.

Happy Independence Day!!



Hindi h.w gr5

Hindi h.w gr5


अपठित कहानी पढ़कर नीचे दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर दिजए |

note:-hardy copy of h.w sheet was given in the class. Read the comprehensive and do the following question.

Enterprise Grade 10, Unit test

Enterprise Grade 10, Unit test

Dear Students

We will have the Unit test for Markets and Customers on next Thursday, August 21, 2014, day 4. The marks for the test is 25 and time limit is 45 minutes. Please be prepared. The notes and resources have already been shared with you.

Also remember, you are due to submit your Task 1 Report on August 20, 2014. You need to submit the hard copy of the report. If you want any help or suggestions share the report with me on Google Drive (as some of you have already done). Revert in case of doubts

Happy Independence Day and Jai Hind



English Internal Assessment_Grade 9_Serendipity_Eureka_Fortuity

English Internal Assessment_Grade 9_Serendipity_Eureka_Fortuity

Dear students,

As discussed in class you will have a 30 mark internal assessment on “The Phoenix effect”. The details of the assessment are:

  • You are required to identify a country/Company/person who has emerged stronger after a major downfall.
  • This may be presented in the form of a PPT/Powtoon/Prezi/Infographic.  If it is a PPT then please do not exceed 5-7 slides.
  • The presentation should be for 7 mins max.
  • Copy-pasting is not allowed.
  • The presentation should involve the audience in some manner.
  • You will be judged on your Confidence / Content/ Presentation/ Body Language.
  • On the day of the presentation, you all are required to come in your trousers and straight from your hair to shoes everything should be immaculate.


I will be sharing an excel sheet with in which you will have to add the topics, please avoid duplication of topics.

You shall be informed about the dates on Monday.

Please mail me for any queries. These marks will be added in your final score.

Happy Weekend!



Grade 8 _ Math_ Weekend h.w_14/08/2014

Grade 8 _ Math_ Weekend h.w_14/08/2014

Subject: Math

Topic: Place-value, rounding and ordering

Type of work: Online worksheets

H.W to be done by 18/08/2014 (Day- 1):

Worksheet on rounding off numbers to one, two and three significant figures

Worksheet on rounding off the numbers to one, two and three significant figures- 2

Date of submission: 18th August 2014

Duration of homework: Maximum 1 hour.

Total worksheets- 2



Jyoti Khandelwal and Urvi Shah

Grade 11_Economics_Updates

Grade 11_Economics_Updates

Updates for thisis week .

Test was conducted on Law of Demand and Supply…

In the next slot  they studied about  Price Elasticity of demand and concepts related to it ..

Next week we will start with Cross Elasticity of Demand.

Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_14/08/2014

Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_14/08/2014

This week students had a test on Ordering and Rounding numbers. The students revised and cleared their doubts on the same.

We also started with a new chapter “Fractions, decimals and percentages”.

To understand the chapter better and see how fractions work in real life, we conducted an activity for the same.

Once the students were clear with the concept, they were made to solve questions based on the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Jyoti Khandelwal

Urvi Shah