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Day: August 17, 2014

Highlights of the week 11th August to 14th August

Highlights of the week 11th August to 14th August

Circle Time:

WOW: Be proactive [I am responsible for my belongings and my actions]

Morning message: revision of inquirer and explores song.

Drills: Where do you live? I live in Surat.

Revision: Oh! The cuckoo, oh! The cuckoo.

Introduction of Rhyme: Be Proactive:

Be proactive every day,

be proactive stop and think,

Even though it’s hard to do

I think you should try it too,

Be proactive every day

Be proactive stop and think!

Introduction of the Wiggles: Reach Up High – Tofa Tafa with Lyrics – Children Love to Sing Kids Action Dance Party Songs ( )

Revision of:

If you are a kid []

Shake and move by Patty Shukla [ ]

I can do it by Patty Shukla []

Jump jump star []

Read Alouds:

[1] slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth by Eric Carle

[2]1st story from[[Be proactive related] Seven habits of happy kids] [3] Hansel and Gretel

[4] Jack and the beanstalk

UOI 1:

”We can express feelings and communicate meaning through different stories”

Revision of ‘title of the story’ and ‘message of the story”

Revision of  beginning\ middle\end, tittle of the story and message\moral of the story.

Revision of Place of the story:  ‘Where did the story took place?’

Teacher emphasized on where did the story take place, (for eg: In the story ‘The ant and the dove” where did  the ant and the dove meet or which place did the dove help the ant or ant helped dove)

Stories : Hansel and the gretel , Snow white, The ant and the dove

UOI 2:

“We find different materials in the surrounding and they behave differently.

Assessment of:

Float\sink and soluble\insoluble

Introduction: Learners did imaginative play in different corners like Transport, clay, Jungle, Fishing, Hanging clothes


Revision of small letters [ a,b,c,d] along with the sound and its association with pictures and also did finger painting, crayon colouring, sticking paper balls on the printouts of letter a, b, c, d.

Revision of letter “e” with its sound.

Learners were introduced to the letter “e” through the power point presentation where they learnt words like envelope, enter, exit, escalator, elevator, egg, elephant, emerald, exercise etc.

Learners were shown the www. teacher focused on énter’ and ‘exit’ while entering and exiting the class.

colouring activity on different pictures like egg, elephant, engine, letter e, envelope.




Learners revised  2 attribute of patterns [ABAB]They made connections with real life patterns too.) Learners understood that they see patterns around them in real life.

Forward counting: 1- 9(through ladder activity & train activity)


  • numbers ‘1-9’
  • backward counting.

Revision of pre math:

Strong-weak,far\near,fat\thin,thick\thin,in\out,open\close,front\back etc.

GUIDED PLAY: Subitizing game: Teacher filled the magic box with different objects, learners were asked to feel the objects and estimated the quantity of it.

Visual Art (VA) :

VA Integrated with UOI [Materials]: Glitter sticking activity on the worksheet.

VA Integrated with UOI:

Teacher did read aloud of the book ” Clifford, the  red dog”

Activity: 1.Learners did tooth brush painting on the body of the dog. Then, they stuck its ear, eyes and belt of the dog.

  1. colouring worksheet of Clifford .

Fine Motor Skills): Firefly pattern book

Practice of tracing worksheet.

Free Play:

Link up blocks

Wooden blocks

Construction blocks

Kitchen set

Other toys


Sand Pit


Important Points:-

  • Kindly practice recognition, sound and association of the small letters a, b, c, d and e with your ward.
  • Kindly note we are focusing only on the small alphabets, so please do the same at home. Capital letters will be done later in the year.
  • Practice recognition, association and forward counting of numbers [1-9] regularly with your child.
  • Please send 2 lap size napkins regularly in the school bag and keep the lunch box and napkin in 1 small carry bag. (Kindly ignore if you are already sending it in this manner)
  • Kindly sign in diary for note/circular. Also take out circular from the diary. Please mention about the things sent ( objects, library books) etc. in diary.(When you send to teacher)
  • Try to do more of fine motor skills activities with your child at home, it will help them develop their writing skills.
  • If your child is reflecting about his/her learning at home then please inform the respective HRT (home room teacher) through mail or communication diary. Please keep a track of your child’s progress/learning.

☺Happy weekend!☺


Tasnim Y Batliwala