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Day: August 18, 2014

Learning language through hands on….

Learning language through hands on….

Language Learning center: After the introduction of ‘ap’ family words, learners practiced the words through various hands-on activities.

Center 1: Associating the words with flashcards.

Center 2: Listening Station

Center 3: Coloring the “ap” family booklet.

Center 4: Writing the “ad”, “ag”, “am”, “ap” family words by rolling the dice.

These are few glimpses of this activity:

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Grade 5 Reciprocity 18th August.2014. ‘Greetings’

Grade 5 Reciprocity 18th August.2014. ‘Greetings’


Dear parents

I, Shreya Chawla, have received the privilege of being the HRT of Grade 5 Reciprocity. The students’ warm welcome  as their HRT  has uplifted my spirits. I look forward to have a  wonderful learning & teaching year ahead.


Shreya Chawla.


[Highlight Of The Day] [Unit Of Inquiry] &


Students created Google docs to put their findings on muddy wetland using the research tool of Big 6 which also went along with their research writing work in language.


Students solved word problems on fraction multiplication in their notebooks using pictorial & numerical representation.

AIE:- Students used their ID & password to login to their accounts & take up the 1st episode.


Please check the blog for the H.W.

G-2 Hindi Language Glimpse of Integration with U.O.I.- Culture

G-2 Hindi Language Glimpse of Integration with U.O.I.- Culture

कक्षा २ में

हिंदी भाषा का U.O.I. – Culture के साथ integration हुआ था |

इस में शिक्षिका ने  culture unit में क्या -क्या यूनिट में हुआ इस का पूर्वज्ञान लिया गया  |इस के बाद कहानी वाचन किया था  |

चित्र कहानी -दिवाली और रंगोली

एक -एक चित्र दिखाकर छात्रों को प्रश्न पूछे गए थे |
1.चित्र में कौनसा त्यौहार है ?
२.इस त्यौहार को कौन कौन से राज्यों में मनाया जाता हैं ?
३.कितने दिनों तक मनाया जाता है ?
४.आप में से कौन कौन इसे मनाते है ?
५.इस त्यौहार में आप के घर में कोई अलग से रीति रिवाज हो तो बताओ ?६.कौन कौन से त्यौहारो में रंगोली बनाते हैं ?

छात्रों ने इस में उत्साह से सहभाग लिया था |

छात्रों के साथ किए हुए संवाद की झलक –



Highlights of the day – 18th August.

Highlights of the day – 18th August.

UOI: Sharing the planet:

Students continued with their guided research on Wetland. They were divided into 3 groups:-physical characteristics, flora and fauna. They took notes in their UOI notebook for the category assigned to them. This was contined in their chrome books and they shared their documents with the leader of their group.


Students practiced multiplication word problems involving fractions.

Language with ease:

Started with week 4- day 1 in language with ease book.


UOI:Refer the articles on task pane 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 to conduct research on muddy wetland. These articles ( scanned) are from books.

Task pane 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 are some relevant links for wetland ecosystem.

Use blend space to complete your research and submit your homework.

Grade-4 PS Athletics Training

Grade-4 PS Athletics Training

Students of G-5 are working on their endurance with multiple skills keeping in mind, swinging of hands, strides & body form. You can see students doing stretching before the training and cool down after the the training session.

Below video link is for PS athletics students so that they can analyze their performance.

Endurance training video

20140813_105223 20140813_105242 20140813_105309 20140813_105341 20140813_105355 20140813_105438 20140813_105458 20140813_105540 20140813_105623 20140813_105654 20140813_105801 20140813_105832 20140813_105901 20140813_105923 20140813_105938 20140813_105957 20140813_110041 20140813_110201 20140813_110302 20140813_110405 20140813_110424 20140813_110446 20140813_110543 20140813_110708