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Day: August 19, 2014

“We Play, We Learn!!”

“We Play, We Learn!!”

Math Guided play: Learners enjoyed learning through play way method. The 2 centres were as follows:


1) 3 attributes patterns: Learners had to create patterns with 3 attributes using coloured fryums.

2) Descending order(Big to small): Learners had to arrange the wooden blocks in descending order.

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Regarding article published in Mumbai Mirror titled “Fish out of IB”

Regarding article published in Mumbai Mirror titled “Fish out of IB”

Dear Students & Parents ,
Please refer to the article(link mentioned below). As mentioned in the article that IB and other international board helps in developing a curious mind.Also according to the article these boards help students in developing 21st century skills.

Also in the article education counselor, Viral Doshi claims that the pressure on IB students to move abroad is real. “But some Indian colleges offer excellent programmes and I don’t see why IB students shouldn’t apply here.”

However also mentioned in the article that studying in India involve challenges.

But in spite of the challenges(as highlighted in the article) many many Indian IB students are now studying in India itself (and are probably doing well).
Ultimately the decision(whether to study in India or abroad) is student’s own.
We on our part will continue to create awareness so that students and parents make an informed decision.
Link to the article :
Grade 11_Economics_Homework

Grade 11_Economics_Homework

Calculate, Consider and Explain

Estimate based on studies of the US population suggest that a 10% increase in the price of cigarettes would reduce overall consumption by adults by 3% to 5%. The same 10% increase would reduce the consumption by youth by 13%.

1. Calculate the price elasticity of demand for cigarettes among US adults and among US youth?

2.Suggest possible reasons for the different magnitude of elasticity between the two groups?

3.Explain two possible reasons why a government would place a tax on cigarettes?

Date of submission:25th August 2014

Grade 11 Math SL (Section B) – Homework (19/08/2014)

Grade 11 Math SL (Section B) – Homework (19/08/2014)

Dear students,
You all are requested to watch the following videos for our next math class which falls on 21st August,2014 i.e. Day 4.
We will discuss the content covered in the videos (Box and Whisker plots) and solve worksheets based on it on day 4.
Highlights of the day – 19/08/14

Highlights of the day – 19/08/14

Day  2:

[Unit Of Inquiry] Revision of Muscular system was done in the class. Students also gave the Formative Assessment of the same.


 The teacher wrote a sentence with descriptive words and then told how well a sentence can be described. Zahid had a thick black brows and a long nose. It can be written as -’ Zahid’s thick black brows knitted over his sharp eyes. His nose was long and bony like his father’s’. Or, a context can be added like this- Zahid’s thick black brows rose in an angry arch when he became angry. His nose that was too long for his narrow face would flare.

Then the teacher wrote a sentence on the board E.g– She was wearing a chain and Grandmother had a long nose. The students  added more description in these sentences.

Learning outcome- To learn that one or more adjectives can be used to enhance a sentence and also expose them to guide writing.

ICT:- Students were introduced to ‘Khan Academy’ for Math. User name and password for the same were given. Students also login to their account and started with their test.

Learning outcome- To enhance their ICT skills and Math skills.


 The ASSET Math paper was discussed in the class. Their errors and doubts were clarified.


Lang:- Use descriptive words from the list and frame sentences to write a paragraph on ‘My Mother’.

AIE- Read- Sparky’s Mystery Fortune- Level- N  ( and take the quiz as well.




Dear Parent,

We would like to invite you to spend One Day At School (ODAS). The ODAS program was started by Fountainhead school, so that parents can experience first hand how their child learns at school. The ODAS starts from 1st September 2014 and will go on till 31st March 2015. On any particular day only a maximum of 4 parents (different grades) will be allowed for ODAS. Please note that only one parent i.e. either the father or mother will be allowed for the visit. Timings for ODAS will be 10:15 am – 1:30 pm.

Please call Ms. Vaibhavi Patel at the front desk or mail at to register for your ODAS slot. Please do not write in your child’s communication diary or on blog to register as it will not be taken into consideration. Your registration will be confirmed as per availability of slots.

One – Day at School rules to be followed during the visit:

  • Schedule will be given to you at the front desk regarding allotment of classes and their respective timings.
  • Please submit your mobiles at the front desk before starting the visit.
  • Parents are requested to quietly observe the class, without any discussion with the teacher.
  • No personal discussion about the child will be entertained.
  • You are requested to fill the feedback form (available at the front desk) at the end of your visit. Any relevant comments must be entered in the feedback form rather than discussing with the teacher.

For more information please contact Ms. Vaibhavi Patel on 3029000.

Fountainhead School.

Important note for parents

Important note for parents

Dear Parents,

As a part of our ongoing unit, we will be giving the learners exposure to recreation. So, for this we have planned to take them for a movie “Mighty Raju Rio calling”(Students choice) on Thursday 21st August. Learners have to come in full uniform and have to wear their i-cards. They will be going from the school  after their 1st meal break and will be leaving from the cinema hall itself. Parents have to pick up their child from PVR Rahulraj mall 3rd floor at 2.00 pm sharp. No buses will be available to drop the children. It is compulsory to bring the bearer card along with you or else your child will not be handed over under any circumstances.The amount for the movie tickets and refreshments will be around Rs 170 per child. This will be deducted from your child’s imprest amount.


Sr.Kg Team