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Day: August 21, 2014

English_Important note_Date of presentation “The Phoenix effect”_Grade 9

English_Important note_Date of presentation “The Phoenix effect”_Grade 9

Dear students,

The dates of presentation of “The Phoenix effect” are mentioned below:

August 27th :Serendipity

August 28th: Fortuity
Sept 01: Eureka (because Eureka was informed much later about the Internal Assessment)
Prepare well as this is your first Internal Assessment.
Physics Homework Update- Matter & Forces

Physics Homework Update- Matter & Forces

Dear students,gR

Solve the following questions in your notebook

Page  30- example 1,2 /  page 52 fig 5.11 & 5.12 a (only read as real life application),/page 54  Q 14, 15/  Page 55- Q 1 to 7/ Page 57- Example 2, Q 6 to 11.

Submit on day 1

If you have any doubt in matter & forces kindly clear your doubts with Physics team.


Uttam Maheshwari & Manish Tiwari

Grade 5 Alliance: Highlights and homework of the day

Grade 5 Alliance: Highlights and homework of the day

UOI – Sharing the planet:

Students started with their Summative assessment task on the given biome.  They could complete step 1 of framing concept based questions using the Big 6 research skill.


Revision of multiplication and division including fractions was done through the worksheet.

Library: Students were divided into groups of 4 for the task of creating story based on any author. They could draft their story during the session today.


1) Check Blendspace for Math HW.

2) Prepare  you introduction page for the portfolio. Mention the information like your name, grade-section, your likes and dislikes, your strength. Also mention that how this portfolio is important to you.

Student of the day:

Date: 20/08/14 – Hiyaa Marfatiya; I appreciate her for taking active part during all the learning engagement. She also demonstrates the learner profile attribute ‘Caring’.

Date: 21/08/14 – Aashvi Parekh; I appreciate her being responsible  towards her learning. She also demonstrates attitude ‘Cooperation’.





Final selection for Swim team….

Final selection for Swim team….

The following students have been selected to participate at the Bardoli swim competition on August 30.

Rohit Pillai 7 multiple events

Swayam Narang 7 multiple events

Naitik Jain 7 multiple events

Sushan 3 50M freestyle

Prasham Dupia 5 multiple events

Aryan  Kapasia 8 multiple events

Arjun Kapasia 5 multiple events

Shuba Agrawal 9 multiple events

Navya Goyal 4 multiple events

Bhavaya Shivare 4 multitle events


All swimmers please collect your consent forms from Coach Kalpesh sir..

What to bring….a towel, sunglasses,  fruit and nuts for energy, 2 litre’s of water, sandals or slippers,

We are in the process of organizing the transport to and from the venue…


CoachKalpesh Sir…



grade7_unit test_particle theory

grade7_unit test_particle theory


Topic: Unit test – The particle theory

Date of test: Day 3- 28/8/2014

Dear students

This  is to inform you all that your science test has been postpone to day 3 i.e 28/8/2014 as you are having social science test on day 1.



Tabassum  and Pooja


Highlights and homework of 21st August,2014

Highlights and homework of 21st August,2014


U.O.I: Learners wrote a reflection on the Child Labour Experience which they had yesterday in a graphic organizer.

Language : The learners were introduced how to Tweet. They wrote a Tweet for the first Chapter of the reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and it was put up on the web.

Learners started Chapter 2 of the reader through Popcorn reading in the class.


Learners were introduced to the fraction vocabulary.  They did a fraction worksheet in the class.

Chrome book:  Learners enjoyed playing games related to Fractions.


Language : Complete the worksheet given in the class.

Keep Reading :-)

Highlights and Homework of 21st August

Highlights and Homework of 21st August



Students were taken to the construction site of the school’s new building.They were then asked to carry some weights in their hand from one place to another. They also cleaned the dining area. 

This was done to give them a real life experience of the risks challenges and hardships faced by children of their age.


Asset paper of English was discussed with the students and their doubts were also clarified in the class.


Language: (Reminder) Ch. 1 worksheet of the reader Charlotte’s web and Language with ease Pg. 18 to be completed and submitted tomorrow.

Math: Divide circle, square, rectangle and triangle in two equal parts in minimum 3 different ways in your Math notebook.