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Day: August 27, 2014

Grade 1 Joy: UOI Activity!!

Grade 1 Joy: UOI Activity!!

Students were tuned in to the property of the air – air has mass. They were given two balloons, which they had to blow with the help of an air pump or by their mouth. Then they tied equal balloons on both sides of the scale/string. With this the students understood the property- air occupies space.

Learning intention: To understand the property- air has mass.

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Grade 1 Joy: Glimpse of UOI activity

Grade 1 Joy: Glimpse of UOI activity

TDT: How the world works

Central idea: Understanding the properties of air, light, heat and sound helps maximize their use as a resource.

1.The Students went for the nature walk to know more about air. The Teacher asked provocation questions related to it.

2.The students performed an activity to understand the property – “Air occupies space”.

  • The students were given a balloon and were asked to blow it with the help of an air pump or by their mouth.

Learning intention: To understand the property- air occupies space.

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Priyanka Chhabra


Linguistic/ Word Smart Activities During Leap Sessions:

Linguistic/ Word Smart Activities During Leap Sessions:

Multiple Intelligence based leap sessions were conducted for the learners of grade 3. The first 3 sessions were based on Linguistic /word smart Multiple intelligence. All the activities conducted in these sessions aimed at enhancing the vocabulary , thinking skills , communication skills and creativity.

Most of the activities were either group  or paired activities to enhance their Interpersonal/ Social Skills(People Smart).

Cycle 1:


In this game, the learners  were handed over the think fast cards, with 10 words on each card. Objective of this game is to win the cards by guessing the right words from the cues given by the other player as fast as you can. Both the players , the one who is giving the ques and the one who is guessing the words, have to be very fast with thought process.

2.  What’s the word?

The objective of the Game is to help others guess the word, without using the forbidden word.

The learners are provided with the pack of cards, Each card consists of one word and 3 forbidden words, one group or individual is supposed to explain the word on the card without using the forbidden words to help the other player or players guess the word.

The learners found it challenging but they were excited to use their thinking skills and be creative  while giving the appropriate descriptions of the word so that, the partners could guess it.

Try it!


Forbidden words:- Pea Hen, National Bird, Blue.

Both these activities enhanced the creativity and thinking skills of the learners, moreover, it also helped them learn the skill of describing the objects.

Cycle 2:
1. Story making game:

Each group of 5 learners are suppose to pick up 5 random picture cards, the cards consist of Pictures which can be used as cues for characters, settings, situations, problems etc. The task is to write a creative story which has an element of imagination using these pictures.

the activity focuses on creative writing and social skills/ co-operation because the learners are suppose to work in groups. The groups which comes up with maximum creativity in the story and co-operates among themselves would win.

2. Freak out game:

Learners have a themed bingo card with words printed on it.Teacher calls out words one by one.Learners have to listen attentively and cut those words if present in their sheet. The learners are supposed to call out loud “BINGO” if they are done with any of the five lines, corners, or full bingo.

This game enhanced the listening and thinking skills of the learners.

Cycle 3:

1: Speller game:

Each pair is given pack of cards.The cards are shuffled and kept upside down.One child picks up a card and reads it out to the other .The other child has to write the spelling of the word on one side of the paper. If he/she gets the spelling right, he /she gets a chance to put a zero or a cross(whatever chosen) on the other side of the paper which has a tic tac toe format printed on it.Then another partner gets chance to spell the word.One who gets three words in a row and uses the correct strategy to fill the tic tac toe mat, is the winner.

2. Word Connection game

Students are given pack of cards with one word on each card. The learners have to try and find out connection between the two words or connect them in any way.

In these games, Learners were exposed to different words and they also used the words, while making connections they made different sentences and enhanced there grammar skills.

G9 and G11 _ French Immersion Camp

G9 and G11 _ French Immersion Camp

Hello all,

The timings for the immersion camp are as follows:

30 August 2014  (Saturday) – 0730  to 1200

31 August 2014 (Sunday) – 0900 – 1300

Venue : Senior Library

Please get your own food on both days! (in keeping with the food policy of the school)



Grade 11 Mathematics Section B (HL / SL) – Highlights

Grade 11 Mathematics Section B (HL / SL) – Highlights

Dear Parents,

This week we had a formative assessment of 30 marks which was taken to assess their understanding of the following topics :

1. Constructing a frequency distribution table for grouped and ungrouped data.

2. Constructing a Histogram.

3. Constructing a cumulative frequency graph.

4. Measures of central tendency. Computing mean, median mode for grouped and ungrouped data.

5. Quartiles and interquartile range from cumulative frequency graph.

Checked papers and marks are handed over to the students.



Highlights and homework of 27th August,2014

Highlights and homework of 27th August,2014



The teacher took a personal development session/workshop on the ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ and asked the learners to identify a safe adult at the end of the session. Learners wrote the name of the safe adult in school as well as at home.

Learners have been divided into groups of four for the research work .They were made aware of the research tool Big 6 which they will be using to do the research and all the steps of the same were discussed in the class.

Language: Chapter-3 of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ was read-aloud in the class by the learners.


UOI: Get the signature of the safe adult at home that you have mentioned in the Journal.

Watch the following videos:

Language: Worksheet -  Chapter 3 of ‘Charlotte’s Web’

Keep reading! :)



Dear parents,

As a part of our culmination of the unit ” Healthy lifestyle” parents did a role play. The role play helped the learners to get a better understanding about what are the various components to lead a  healthy lifestyle.A heartfelt thanks to the parents for sparing their valuable time to enhance their child’s learning.

Here are a few glimpses of the same.

20140827_123136 20140827_123150 20140827_123156 20140827_123353 20140827_123814 20140827_123823 20140827_123830 20140827_124513 20140827_124540 20140827_124607 20140827_124710 20140827_124804 20140827_124820 20140827_124828 20140827_125140 20140827_125242 20140827_125332 20140827_125337 20140827_125459 20140827_125529 20140827_125533 20140827_125631 20140827_125637 20140827_125827 20140827_125836 20140827_125950 20140827_130220 20140827_130231



Recap of the day- 27/8/2014

Recap of the day- 27/8/2014

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote a color they like the most and the thing they would want to have in the same color.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners revised the art forms of  (Marathi) culture. They wrote the same in their U.O.I notebook.


Market simulation: Total 11 objects were kept on the table with price tag. Learners were asked to choose any 3 objects they would like to buy from the market. They noted down the name of the objects and the amount of the same. They added those numbers to get total amount they spent.


Learners did portfolio work.



Learners have to do the gender worksheet given to them.


Disha Thakkar.