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Day: August 30, 2014

LEAP Sessions Overview

LEAP Sessions Overview

LEAP Classes has been amazing experience for students. We also enjoyed a lot and had some great learning.

Till now there has been 9 LEAP Session – 9th session was the reflection session [Which is still going on during this cycle].

All 8 sessions had different activities. Following is the List…

  1. Students made a structure using Popsicle sticks. The criteria was to make a tall, stable structure. Class was divided into groups of 4 and each group had to come up with own strategies to build the structure. Besides popsicle sticks, rubber band, thread, scissors, cutters, thumb pins were provided.
  2. Learners made 3D shapes using broom sticks and rubber bands. The shapes those they had to make were: triangle, square, cube and cuboid.
  3. Learners had to make different toys using material provided to them on 4 workstations. Toys made by them were: Clapper, dancing eye, balloon spinner and straw flute
  4. Learners made sprinklers and sprays using straws.
  5. Learners made ball tumbler and ball bounce using materials brought from home
  6. Learners explored, on their chrome books, how to view stereograms. They also tried creating their own stereograms using online tools.
  7. Through different activities learners explored strengths and weaknesses of human body. Altogether 7 different activities were done:
    1. Confuse your foot
    2. Feel your breath
    3. Listen to your own voice
    4. Grow your nose
    5. Dominant eye
    6. Tie a string around your finger
    7. Numb your finger
  8. Learners made toys to learn the concept of balance. They made a toucan which balanced on its claw and a joker which balanced on its head.


Following link is the Album of selected pictures from all sessions…

Selected Pics


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Grade 1 JOY : Glimpses of UOI activity!!

Grade 1 JOY : Glimpses of UOI activity!!

The students performed different activities to understand the property of sound – Sound passes through solid and liquid.

  • The students made a telephone using using a string and two cups. They  performed this activity in pairs and understood that sound passes through solid objects.

Learning intention: To understand the property – Sound passes through solid and liquid.
IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144
Priyanka Chhabra
Call for Organizers for FSMUN & players for Surat Ultimate Open 2014

Call for Organizers for FSMUN & players for Surat Ultimate Open 2014

Dear MY & DP students,

A bunch of our students went recently to IIMUN in Mumbai and they proposed to do a MUN at FS. We have agreed to host the event (Jan 24-25, 2015). The great news is that this event will be completely student-led. Those interested in organizing the event are requested to fill up this form (click here). All the details are in the form itself. Deadline is Monday 5 pm for filling this up.

Also, most of you know that Fountainhead has a strong Ultimate (Frisbee) community. On Nov 15-16, 2014 the 3rd edition of Surat Ultimate Open will be held. 12-16 teams from across India apart from teams from Surat are expected to participate. In fact the SUO event is also being organized the students (Avi Nandwani & Harshil Dhaniwal are the tournament directors and there will be many other student organizers). Being a co-ed tournament format (girls & boys on the same team), Surat Ultimate is always on the lookout for girl players. We already have a few and we look forward to more.

If you’ve been yearning to learn and play  Ultimate, then this is your chance to do so. Fill up this form if interested in playing (click here). You will be required to attend camps if you sign up. Hurry up – the camps are starting on Tuesday.


Vardan Kabra

Highlights of the week

Highlights of the week

Circle Time:

WOW:Communicator   [We express our ideas confidently.]

Morning message: There are seven days in a week.

Drills: What is your father’s name? My father’s name is…


Revision of rhymes:Oh! The cuckoo, oh! The cuckoo, up and down, open the shut them, be proactive.


The river is flowing,

flowing and flowing,

The river is flowing,

down to the sea.

Mother earth is calling me,

Her child I’ll always be,

Mother earth is calling me,

down to the sea.


Introduction of Rhyme:

Welcome Ganesha:

The colorful lights, the tasty modaks,

It must be the time of the year again.

Welcome Ganesha, welcome Ganesha,

Welcome my favorite guest.

I greet you with flowers, fruits and lamps.

I greet you with songs, sweet and incense.

Welcome Ganesha, welcome Ganesha,

Welcome my favorite guest.

1,2,3,4,5,6, the days pass by ever so quick.

7,8,9,10 it’s time to say goodbye again.

Goodbye Ganesha, Goodbye Ganesha,

Goodbye my favorite guest.

I bid you farewell with tears in my eyes,

See you next year when I’m older and wise.

Goodbye Ganesha, Goodbye Ganesha,

Goodbye my favorite guest.


Introduction of:

Movement Song- Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Revision of wiggles:

Wiggle it… Children’s song by Patty Shukla  []

Shake and move by Patty Shukla [ ]

I can do it by Patty Shukla []

Jump jump star []

Reach Up High – Tofa Tafa with Lyrics – Children Love to Sing Kids Action Dance Party Songs ( )

If you are a kid []


Read Alouds:

[1] An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni

[2] If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

[3] Friends Are Helpers by V.Gilbert Beers

[4] Little Critter: Policeman by Mercer Mayer

[5] The Clownfish

[6] Hide And Seek Duck by Cyndy Szekeres

[7] My Apron by Eric Carle

[8] Do You Want To Be My Friend by Eric Carle

[9] Hopper by Marcus Pfister


UOI 1:

”We can express feelings and communicate meaning through different stories”


Revision of sequence – The story’s beginning, middle, end , message ,“Title”  ‘place’ and character  of the stories


Introduction of ‘WHEN’ :When did the story take place?(time: morning,afternoon,evening or night).


STORIES : ‘Cinderella, The Rainbow fish, Snow white,mercury and the woodman ,The shepherd boy


UOI 2:

“We find different materials in the surrounding and they behave differently.


Revision of:

Pre math concepts-Learners did matching of learnt pre math in the worksheet: i.e. up-down, tall- short, hard- short, etc.

Pre math displays:A group activity where teacher sat with learners in circle and asked them questions like: whether something is short/long, thick/thin, etc.

This was done by showing pictures to them and then they pasted that picture on the chart paper accordingly.

Absorption\repel, Float\sink and soluble\insoluble


Imaginative Play:

Learners played in different corners like Transport theme, clay theme, Jungle theme, Fishing, Hanging clothes, Barbie theme and play with different toys.



Revision of small letters [ a,b,c,d] along with the sound and its association with pictures and also did finger painting, crayon colouring, sticking paper balls on the printouts of letter a, b, c, d, e.


Revision of letter “f” with its sound.

f song -one little finger one little finger tap tap tap, point to the ceiling point to the floor and put it on your lap lap lap… learners became fish\frog and moved from one center to another. Teacher has to emphasise the sound of letter ‘f’.  [Whole class activity] and the video shwon: for letter ‘f’

Learners did colouring activity on—flower, frog, fish, fire engine, fan fruits, face (Filler Activity:Decorating the Magic Box)


Revision  of Patterns

Learners revised  2 attribute of patterns [ABAB]They made connections with real life patterns too.) Learners understood that they see patterns around them in real life.


Forward counting: 1- 9 (through ladder activity & train activity)

Association of number: 1-9 (through different learning engagement)



  • numbers ’1-9’
  • backward counting.


Revision of pre math:

Strong-weak,far\near,fat\thin,thick\thin,in\out,open\close,front\back etc.

Worksheet for horizontal and vertical forward counting.

Necklace Activity: Learners made a necklace by sticking pictures of numbers(1-9) on a neck print out using forward counting.

Dominos Activity: Learners made dominos by drawing the number of dots on the chart paper piece as mentioned on it.



What will fit?

Provided assortment

clothing in various sizes, such as baby socks, child-sized socks, grown-up pants, and a large vest. The children explored the items to see which ones fit. We encourage the children to share their discoveries.

• Which one fits the best?


• Which is too large? Too small?


• Who might wear that size?, etc.


Activity for seriation:

Teacher kept a bunch of books( different sizes) ready in the class.Learners arranged the books in the series of small to big books & big to small books.


Visual Art (VA) :


FMS integrated with language:

VA: Teacher did read aloud of the story: “An Extraordinary Egg” by Leo Lionni

After that learners did ‘Paper mache activity’: Learners were given paper which they tore in different sizes.

They were given balloons and a container filled with fevicol water. They dipped the cutout of paper and stuck it on balloon to make an egg.

Finally,they coloured the egg.


Fine Motor Skills: Firefly pattern book


Practice of tracing worksheet.


Free Play:

  • Link up blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction blocks
  • Kitchen set
  • Other toys
  • Puzzles
  • Sand Pit
  • Clay


Important Points:-

  • Kindly practice recognition,sound and association of the small letters a,b,c,d, e and f with your ward.


  • Kindly note we are focusing only on the small alphabets, so please do the same at home. Capital letters will be done later in the year.
  • Practice recognition, association and forward counting of numbers [1-9] regularly with your child.


  • Please send 2 lap size napkins regularly in the school bag and keep the lunch box and napkin in 1 small carry bag. (Kindly ignore if you are already sending it in this manner)
  • Kindly sign in diary for note/circular. Also take out circular from the diary.Please mention about the things sent ( objects, library books) etc. in diary.(When you send to teacher)
  • Try to do more of fine motor skills activities with your child at home, it will help them develop their writing skills.
  • If your child is reflecting about his/her learning at home then please inform the respective HRT (home room teacher) through mail or communication diary. Please keep a track of your child’s progress/learning.

☺Happy weekend!☺


Dimple Topiwala

Educational trips

Educational trips

Dear All,

The Middle Years (G 7, 8, 9, & 10) and G 11 students will be going for the educational trips during the winter break.

Grade Location Places to be visited Purpose of visit
7 Delhi, Amritsar and Agra Delhi – Indira Gandhi memorial, National rail museum

Amritsar – Golden Temple, Jallianwala Baug

Agra – Fatehpur Sikri, Taj mahal

Jallianwala Baug massacre and  freedom struggle at Amritsar. The students will also learn about Indira Gandhi and her assassination due to operation blue star at Golden temple in grade 8.

Indira Gandhi memorial will also help the students understand the history of Indian politics and the role of Gandhi family.

8 Gir, Bet Dwarka Gir Lion sanctuary, Bet Dwarka Chapter : Ecosystem and classification of animals

1. Gir forest gives an idea of adaptations of various animals and what is an ecosystem? It also helps them related to characteristics of various groups of animals and plant which they have studied in Plant and Animal Kingdom.

2. Bet Dwarka: Students learn another ecosystem (i.e. marine ) and see the invertebrate animals and can relate to the characteristics they have studied. It also gives an idea of biodiversity.

9 Madhya Pradesh Pachmadhi, Kanha, Jabalpur Case study in India Studies ‘How can India develop its programme for environmental sustainability?’

For Global Perspectives students –  topic of protection v/s conservation can be covered through.

Kanha national park will serve as a very good background for both India Studies and Global Perspectives.

10 Jayalgarh Jayalgarh (Uttarakhand) Adventure activities

(White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Slithering, Rappelling, Hiking, Bonfire, and games like Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Swimming etc and visit the nearby village)

11 Raigadh - Maharashtra (Magic Bus Centre for Learning & Development) CAS activities –
Adventure, sports, Service activities (Painting a school , planting a wall creepers or creating an amphitheater), Interaction with villagers, Music, Art and Craft activities

The detailed itinerary along with the consent form will be shared with the students by next week.


Falguni Jariwala