LEAP Sessions Overview

LEAP Sessions Overview

LEAP Classes has been amazing experience for students. We also enjoyed a lot and had some great learning.

Till now there has been 9 LEAP Session – 9th session was the reflection session [Which is still going on during this cycle].

All 8 sessions had different activities. Following is the List…

  1. Students made a structure using Popsicle sticks. The criteria was to make a tall, stable structure. Class was divided into groups of 4 and each group had to come up with own strategies to build the structure. Besides popsicle sticks, rubber band, thread, scissors, cutters, thumb pins were provided.
  2. Learners made 3D shapes using broom sticks and rubber bands. The shapes those they had to make were: triangle, square, cube and cuboid.
  3. Learners had to make different toys using material provided to them on 4 workstations. Toys made by them were: Clapper, dancing eye, balloon spinner and straw flute
  4. Learners made sprinklers and sprays using straws.
  5. Learners made ball tumbler and ball bounce using materials brought from home
  6. Learners explored, on their chrome books, how to view stereograms. They also tried creating their own stereograms using online tools.
  7. Through different activities learners explored strengths and weaknesses of human body. Altogether 7 different activities were done:
    1. Confuse your foot
    2. Feel your breath
    3. Listen to your own voice
    4. Grow your nose
    5. Dominant eye
    6. Tie a string around your finger
    7. Numb your finger
  8. Learners made toys to learn the concept of balance. They made a toucan which balanced on its claw and a joker which balanced on its head.


Following link is the Album of selected pictures from all sessions…

Selected Pics


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