Recap 2-08-2014

Recap 2-08-2014

Settling Task:

Learners had to draw their own hairstyle in their settling task notebook.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners decided the artforms which they are going to present for summative assessment.


Learners watched a story “The Little Red Hen” and answered the following questions in their notebooks.

1. What is the moral of the story?
2. What L.P. attribute the hen followed?
3. How did the friends behave with the hen?
4. Name the characters from the story.
5. Did the hen share the cake with her friends? Why?


Learners did a worksheet on ways to write a number.They also wrote addition facts for the number 25 in their notebook.



Learners have to do the given worksheet.


Learners who have selected art forms like Rangoli , Bead work and Alpona for their summative assessment need to bring rangoli colors , beads (small beads used in moti bharat) and rice paste(rice flour+water) from home.


Chandani Patel.

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