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Day: September 3, 2014

Highlights of the day- 3rd September, 2014 [Day-6]

Highlights of the day- 3rd September, 2014 [Day-6]


TDT: How the world works

The teacher does different experiments to make the students understand relationship between air and sound.

Learning intention: To understand relationship between air and sound.


The students made sensible sentences from a set of jumbled words and identified the nouns and verbs in it.

Learning intention: To help students understand the correct sentence structure.

Important note:

Language Assessment(Dictation)will be taken on  Tuesday, 9th September ’ 14 





5. difference

6. peace

7. strength

8. because

9 . mirror

10. inquiry

11. prey

12. brought

13. pleasant

14. gently

15. fireflies












Bhumika 🙂

Grade 3 Imbue, Highlights and Homework – Day 6 -3 sept’14

Grade 3 Imbue, Highlights and Homework – Day 6 -3 sept’14

Settling Task – Chant tables of 5,6,7.

Language – Students gave Summative Assessment.

Learning Outcome:To know students’ understanding of the concepts taught so far.


UOI- Students prepared their summative assessment.

Homework- Practice for your presentation.

Also practice math on by opening your email id on gmail. (student email id)

Circle time- Quiz on human body systems.






1) UOI: Watch the videos and go through the tutorials for your SA. Prepare well for your presentation of the assessment as per your selected system. Look for the guided questions and other details as mentioned above in UOI for your presentation.

Note:- You can prepare the model / draw the diagram / bring the unlabelled cutouts of  your system from home, but you have to label it in school.
Links: – Digestive system. – Nervous system. – Excretory system

2) Math:- Practice Math skills from the given site:
Highlights of the day – 3/09/14

Highlights of the day – 3/09/14

Day 6:

Settling task:- Students gave their language dictation test in their notebooks.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Students prepared for their summative assessment.

[Language] Students completed their summative assessment.

Learners were asked to describe any 1 picture from their Empowering English book in detail as per the points given, using their given adjectives list.

Learning Outcome: To reinforce the usage of descriptive vocabulary.

[Homework] UOI:- Prepare for the presentation.

Lang:– Descriptive writing: Stick your photograph on the given coloured sheet and do the task given on pg.6 in E.E book as explained in class.

Math:- Also practice math on by opening your email id on gmail. (Student email id)

Note: The link for booking PTC Slot has been sent to the siblings and for other students it will be open tomorrow for all the students. Kindly check the parent e-mail id tomorrow without fail and do the needful at the earliest.


9th LEAP slot : Wait for the other shoe to drop

9th LEAP slot : Wait for the other shoe to drop

Learners were deliriously participating in the LEAP session.


Pairs were made for “RIVER CROSSING” and both the partners were provided with Salamander and four fishes counters. The aim of this game was to make the Salamander cross the river. The fishes were trying to block the way of Salamander and didn’t allow it to cross the river.

Player 1 had to become the  Salamander while the Player 2 was the fish. Player 1,started the game as a salamander on the square with the Red Cross, and the fish on the squares with the Black crosses. In each turn, the salamander could move one step diagonally, backward or forward.The fish could move down the board diagonally towards the salamander one square at a time but not allowed to move backward. Each turn salamander and fish had to make a move. The fishes could win if they could block the salamander from crossing the river otherwise the Salamander would win.

This is an amusing strategic game for developing learner’s logical thinking skills and has very simple rules.While playing this game, they were using their logical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence (working in group) and intrapersonal intelligence (working individually).

Important Note:

I am attaching the Images of Answer key for the last cycle’s homework worksheets for you to tally the answers. Do correct the worksheets and send them back without fail as our learners maintain a LEAP file in the class.


To view photos please click the link given below.


Vaishali Desai.

Settling Time:

Learners calculated the total number of fans and tube lights in Grade 2.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners had been given time to practice for the summative assessment. Their summative assessment will be taken on Tuesday.


Learners heard the story “The Little Red Hen” and answered to the questions asked.

Language development:

Language Development- Learners revised the concepts of grammar through the exercise given in Language with ease reference book.

[Read Aloud]

Just me and my Dad by Mercer Mayer.


Learners have to solve the given worksheet.


The dictation for the words: “preposition/ going / where/ would/ study/ learn/ live/ commitment/ little and creative” will be taken tomorrow. (Thursday- 4/9/2014)

Grade 5 Alliance : Highlights and homework of the day

Grade 5 Alliance : Highlights and homework of the day

UOI-Sharing the planet:

Students conducted peer assessment as a part of summative assessment of the unit.


Students understood the concept of decimal through the hands on activity using the decimal kit.


UOI- Sharing the planet: Those students who have not yet submitted the printed copy of a final report, need to submit the report by tomorrow without fail.


Math HW is already posted on the Blendspace. If you have trouble viewing Blendspace, you can even click here Math Homework and solve the sums in your notebook.

Student of the day is Shreshth Modi. I appreciate him for demonstrating learner profile ‘Communicator and Reflective’ during the class discussion.


LEAP – Things to Bring on Tuesday

LEAP – Things to Bring on Tuesday

Dear Students,

For the upcoming ‘Creative Mela’ we are going to have some activities – Which require following things [Scrap items]…

1. Empty 2 liter Cold drink Bottles [2 liter or bigger]:


2. D size Used Battery [Big size]:


Do collect and get as many as possible – Ask around in your neighborhood, Society, your relative’s society, etc. And collect as many as possible… It will be great to ‘Reuse’ such item for making something creative than just dumping in dustbin…

Do bring that on Tuesday – After long weekend…

You can give/put those things at VA Room OR Science Lab…