Grade 3 Imbue, Highlights and Homework – Day 6 -3 sept’14

Grade 3 Imbue, Highlights and Homework – Day 6 -3 sept’14

Settling Task – Chant tables of 5,6,7.

Language – Students gave Summative Assessment.

Learning Outcome:To know students’ understanding of the concepts taught so far.


UOI- Students prepared their summative assessment.

Homework- Practice for your presentation.

Also practice math on by opening your email id on gmail. (student email id)

Circle time- Quiz on human body systems.






1) UOI: Watch the videos and go through the tutorials for your SA. Prepare well for your presentation of the assessment as per your selected system. Look for the guided questions and other details as mentioned above in UOI for your presentation.

Note:- You can prepare the model / draw the diagram / bring the unlabelled cutouts of  your system from home, but you have to label it in school.
Links: – Digestive system. – Nervous system. – Excretory system

2) Math:- Practice Math skills from the given site:
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