Highlights of the day – 3/09/14

Highlights of the day – 3/09/14

Day 6:

Settling task:- Students gave their language dictation test in their notebooks.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Students prepared for their summative assessment.


 Students completed their summative assessment.

Learners were asked to describe any 1 picture from their Empowering English book in detail as per the points given, using their given adjectives list.

Learning Outcome: To reinforce the usage of descriptive vocabulary.


UOI:- Prepare for the presentation.

Lang:– Descriptive writing: Stick your photograph on the given coloured sheet and do the task given on pg.6 in E.E book as explained in class.

Math:- Also practice math on www.khanacademy.org by opening your email id on gmail. (Student email id)

Note: The link for booking PTC Slot has been sent to the siblings and for other students it will be open tomorrow for all the students. Kindly check the parent e-mail id tomorrow without fail and do the needful at the earliest.


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