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Day: September 3, 2014

Grade – 5, Consortium (Highlights and Homework, 03/09/14)

Grade – 5, Consortium (Highlights and Homework, 03/09/14)

UOI integrated with Language -: Learners did the peer assessment on the enduring understanding of the concepts taught in this unit.

Glimpses of the activity -:

AIE -: Learners attempted the task 4 and 5 of this online program.

Have a look……


Homework -:

UOI -: Do the final revising and editing of the document. Please take the color print of the document for submission.


Highlights of 2nd & 3rd September and Homework of 3rd September

Highlights of 2nd & 3rd September and Homework of 3rd September



Learners were asked to write a descriptive writing on a worksheet that had a word web for description of the picture pf an actress.

Learners did 2 enjoyable activities in the Language learning center namely, Listening center and Macroni Punctuation.


Concept of equivalent fractions was explained to the students and learners solved few sums in their notebooks.

Learners practiced making equivalent fractions of few sums  in their notebook and also illustrated the questions of the given fractions by shading them.

Chromebook session was enjoyed by the students, wherein they practiced multiplication and division in Khan academy and few fraction games.

Leap session was held.


UOI: (Reminder)

Cover your journal with pictures, illustration etc. related to the unit. You can overwrite your pencil  written work with sketch pen provided it looks neat. (Tomorrow is the last day for submission.)

Language: (Reminder)

Create a 3d model of a farm animal with the farm settings as discussed in the class. This model will be used for the next Descriptive writing piece which will be done in the class. (Tomorrow is the last day for submission.)


Write the equivalent fractions of the following in Math/Rough note book:

1) 3 by 7

2)11 by 12

3) 5 by 6

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Recap of the day 3rd September

Recap of the day 3rd September

Settling Time: Learners did self checking of the comprehension worksheet.


Learners practiced the concepts of articles in the form of sentences. Later on, they also learned words that can be used instead of “good” in the sentences.

For example, The vegetables are still fresh (good).

Language Development: Learners practiced grammar concept form language with ease reference book.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: Summative assessment task and rubric was discussed with the learners.

Note: Learners who have selected art forms like Rangoli, Abhla work and Bead work for their summative assessment need to bring rangoli colors, beads (small beads used in moti bharat) and abhla (small/ medium size) from home. Refer daily diary for further details.


Learners need to complete the math worksheet explained to them.

Note: Today’s new word is purchased which means buy.

Tomorrow roll number 3 needs to make a story on the given words and get a new word.

Tomorrow dictation will be taken for the new words. (Preposition, going, where, would, study, learn, live, commitment, little, creative)

Highlights and Homework of 3rd September, 2014

Highlights and Homework of 3rd September, 2014


Highlights of the day


Learners enjoyed the learning centre in the class,. It was divided into 2 parts.

1) Listening- Learners heard an audio clip of the Chapter 5 and completed a sheet of multiple choice questions.

2) Grammar- Learners chose 3 sentence for a given list. The first parsed the sentences and then punctuated them using the Macaroni.

DSC01058 DSC01059 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01062 DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01066


Learners practiced equivalent fractions through illustrations.

Homework :

Practice the games at home, and a quiz on the same will be taken tomorrow in school.

Highlights and homework of 3rd September, 2014

Highlights and homework of 3rd September, 2014


Language:  Learners constructed meaning of how to use descriptive words to describe a person in a paragraph. A picture of Narendra Modi was shown on the LCD, which was used to describe him through a mind map. This was done by the teacher on the white board with students’ inputs.

Summative assessment task 1 of language attempted by the learners through learning center.

IMG_20140903_112848 IMG_20140903_112855 IMG_20140903_113608 IMG_20140903_113622 IMG_20140903_113633 IMG_20140903_113645 IMG_20140903_113810 IMG_20140903_113830 IMG_20140903_113838 IMG_20140903_113956 IMG_20140903_114004 IMG_20140903_114101 IMG_20140903_114245 IMG_20140903_114840 IMG_20140903_114914 IMG_20140903_114942 IMG_20140903_115214

The learning center had two activities mentioned as below:

Activity 1: The learners were given a listening piece of a chapter from the reader. They had to listen and answer the MCQ in the worksheet given to them.

Activity 2: The learner had to select 1 sentence from each set given to them. They had to parse the sentences and punctuate it using the macaroni given to them.


Language: Complete the descriptive writing worksheet as explained in class.



3rd September, 2014.

3rd September, 2014.

Today’s highlights


TDT: How the world works

1. The students saw different experiments to understand the relationship between air and sound.

Learning intention: To help students understand the relationship between air and sound.


1. The students solved a worksheet. (Make sensible sentences)

Learning intention: To help students understand the correct sentence structure.

2. Listening assessment was taken.

Learning intention: To help students enhance their listening skills.

The students attended the dance and drama sessions.

G-6 Excogitate Homework for 3rd Sep’14

G-6 Excogitate Homework for 3rd Sep’14


1.Read ch 22-23 and attempt the quiz. Answer these questions in the doc.

i. How do you think the story ends? ii. Create your own ending 

2. Work on your brochure task. Presentation is due on 8th Sep.

NB: Complete your online portfolio and share the link with me.

Elementary and Intermediate Homework

Elementary and Intermediate Homework

Dear Students,

As you are aware that the “Elementary and Intermediate Exams” are scheduled in the next month, you have to take out some time from our busy schedule to do the practice. Below given is the homework which needs to be completed and submitted by Monday (8/9/14).


  • Basic design:

o   Draw a square of 5/5″ and inside the square draw any design by overlapping the given shapes i.e. square, circle, triangle, semi-circle, rectangle and diamond.


  • Create object drawing by composition of 3 objects:

o   Glass, Bowl and any 1 fruit – You can keep these objects in any position you want but it has to be composed together.


Recap of the day 3-09-2014

Recap of the day 3-09-2014

Settling Task:

Learners had to clean their class and arrange the tables and chairs.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners practiced for their summative assessment.


Portfolio work was done.

Language Development:Learners revised all the grammar concepts from their LWE reference book.


Learners revised the concept of addition facts.

[Circle Time]

Learner did “Stop and Think” worksheet.



Learners have to solve the given worksheet.


The dictation for the words: “preposition/ going / where/ would/ study/ learn/ live/ commitment/ little and creative” will be taken tomorrow. (Thursday- 4/9/2014)


Chandani Patel.

‘Grade 3 Initiate Highlights and Homework Day 6 – 3rd Sept. 2014’

‘Grade 3 Initiate Highlights and Homework Day 6 – 3rd Sept. 2014’

UOI: Learners started preparing for their Summative assessment.

AIE: Learners completed their listening assessment.

Language: Learners completed their Summative assessment.


Math: Solve the given worksheet.

UOI: Prepare for the presentation.


(1) Learners are practicing for the assembly performance.

(2) The link for booking PTC Slot are open to the students who are having sibling studying in the school. Kindly check the parent e-mail id.