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Day: September 4, 2014

Nutrition mat activity

Nutrition mat activity

The learners revised the different food groups through the nutrition mat. They had to listen to the song which was being played and go to the group which was being mentioned in the song. They also revised the colors of the food groups and the different food items which come in that group. Here are a few glimpses of this activity.

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IBDP: Physics highlights.

IBDP: Physics highlights.

Dear parents/students,

This week we discussed questions based on projectile as per paper 1 & paper 2. We discussed NLM with real life example. We also discussed test paper questions.

For  weekend read from text book NEWTON’S LAW OF MOTION  and make a presentation on Google docs or Prezi and present in next Physics class in a creative way with questionnaire . Real life based question will be discussed in class.

Enjoy weekend & Happy Ganesh Immersion !


Manish T & Uttam M

Physics this week !

Physics this week !

Dear Students/Parents,

This week,we discussed concept of energy, work & types of energy with real life example. We also discussed unit test paper.

For weekend revise the topic till we covered this academic year, we have surprise test for the same in any of the Physics class . Marks are not counted, test is just for revision and for pre-preparation of term 1

Enjoy weekend & Ganesh Immersion !


Uttam M & Manish T

MY: Results of ‘Maths Science trivia’ (First round)

MY: Results of ‘Maths Science trivia’ (First round)

The following students have been selected for the final round of ‘Maths Science trivia’ which will be conducted on 9th September , 2014 (Next Day 2) during ‘Assembly’ slot. The details of the event had already been posted earlier.

Grade 7 Integrity Grade 7 Unity Grade 7 Liberty Grade 7 Dignity Grade 9 Integrity Grade 9 Unity Grade 9 Liberty Grade 9 Dignity
Muskan Pradeep Jain Aradhya Sanjay Sharma Ruchit Tarun Agarwal Harsh Bharat Bharawani Rahul Manoj Desai Nirmal Praveen Suthar Dhairya Jatin Jadav Parishi Vinit Madhogaria
Rishi Pawan Chandak Aarohi Anant Agrawal Saksham Shivansh Gaur Jai Samir Modi Kashish Jayshkumar Gwalani Satwik Raj Goyal Zeal Nipun Shah Darsh Sanjaybhai Mangukiya
Grade 8 Integrity Grade 8 Unity Grade 8 Liberty Grade 8 Dignity Grade 10 Integrity Grade 10 Unity Grade 10 Liberty Grade 10 Dignity
Krusnakumar Chandresh Balar Shanay Samir Sanghvi Aastha Gopal Mour Khush Vinod Goyal Tiruja Vatsal Naik Khushali Ketan Chaliawala Vedant Harishbhai Desai Pranjal Sanjay Bhansali
Samashti Snehal Patel Mitansh Milan Desai Kunj Rajubhai Savani Neel Madhav Kallidai Abhishek Janakkumar Shah Parantap Vishal Sinha Hetvi Vipul Shah Vinit Nirav Jogani
Nature Camp for Grade 10

Nature Camp for Grade 10

Dear Parents,

This year students of Grade 10 will go to Jayalgardh, Uttrakhand for in their winter break. Jayalgardh is a beautiful hill station, approximately 90 kms from Rishikesh near Devprayag-away from any tourist destinations or place of pilgrimage. Pitched up on the bank of the gushing River Alaknanda, this campsite will be a wonderful retreat for students.


Day 1:

Depart for Delhi by train.

Day 2:

Reach Delhi in morning, check in to the Hotel for fresh up. After Lunch, visit Akshardham temple and depart for Haridwar by train in evening.

Day 3:

Reach Haridwar in morning and depart for Jayalgarh. Reach Jayalgardh in afternoon. Tent Allotment and Orientation meeting. After lunch the teams would attempt Water exercise & Kayaking.

Day 4:

After breakfast, Rafting on river Alaknanda. Return to camp for lunch. Bridge Slithering or Rappelling after lunch, evening at leisure.

Day 5:

After breakfast, Rafting on river Alaknanda for the second time. . Lunch at campsite. Team Games in the evening.

Day 6:

Service visit to nearby village in the morning and depart after lunch for Haridwar. Arrive Haridwar Rly. Station and depart for Surat by train.

Day 7:

Arrive Surat in the evening at 16:35.


Trip Details:

1. Date: 26th December 2014 to 1st January 2015

2. Cost: 17000/-

3. Please fill up the form  by 10 September, 2014 to give your consent for the trip (click on the link below).

4. Please send the cheque in favour of “FOUNTAINHEAD EDUCATION TRUST” by 20 September, 2014.

5. Timings and train details will be sent later.



Fountainhead School


Grade 6 Hindi homework

Grade 6 Hindi homework

गृहकार्य- नीचे दिए गये link पर सर्च करके हीरे के नाम हिंदी नोटबुक में लिखों साथ ही किसी एक हीरे के बारे में विस्तार से लिखो | ( कम से कम 70 शब्दों में )

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 1

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 1


Students celebrated Teacher’s day –  Middle years students came to teach our students.

Settling task : Write down all the difficult words in lang notebook(descriptive, persuasive, urethra, kidney, cerebrum, cerebellum, nervous, bladder, nerves, medulla, rectum.)

UOI- Students completed their Summative Assessment.

Math: Tuning in activity of measurement was done, where students measured their table using scale and their hand (hand span). They also watched video on standard and non- standard units, which was followed by the class discussion.

Lang: Students wrote details of the wanted person from the book  Empowering English pg – 7.



  1. Language worksheet
  2. Lang- Make your wanted poster in notebook- Empowetrng English pg-6
  3. Practice math on
  4. Complete LWE till week5 day5.
  5. UOI : Prepare for the presentation of the chosen system.


G7 ICT Internal Assessment Dates

G7 ICT Internal Assessment Dates

Dear Learners,

The Internal Assessment for the ongoing unit of Spreadsheets will be held on following dates:

G7 Vision – D1, Sep 16, 2014 – 11.25 – 12.15

G7 Insight – D1, Sep 16, 2014 – 13.40 – 14.30

G7 Idea – D2, Sep 17, 2014 – 10.30 – 11.20

Marks – 30

Duration – 40 Minutes

Syllabus :

  • Functions – Sum, Max, Min, Average, If, CountIf, Count, CountA
  • Nested If
  • Charts – Column, Line, Pie
Hindi homework for

Hindi homework for

कक्षा कार्य – इस सप्ताह हमने अब तक सीखी कविताओं का पुनरावर्तन किया और आ ,ओ ,औ वर्ण लिखना सिखाया साथ ही वर्ण से सम्बंधित कविताएँ भी सिखाई |

गृहकार्य – 1.पेज न.- 24 पर (अ ,आ, उ, ऊ)  वर्ण लेखन करना |( for Glimmer )

2. पेज नं. – 26 पर ‘ओ ‘ वर्ण  लिखना |

3. पेज नं.- 28 पर ‘औ ‘ वर्ण  लिखना |