Highlights of the day – 16/09/14

Highlights of the day – 16/09/14

Day 1:

Settling task:- Learners wrote words of the week - [principled, communicator, responsibility, inquirer, reflective, knowledgeable, enthusiasm, confidence, empathy,  tolerance]

[Circle Time] Students learnt and recited a verb poem.

[Math] Learners revised the units of measurement (length). Later they did an activity of the units of weight. The learners estimated the weight of several items like salt, sugar, pulses (channa and daal), peanuts, etc. They also wrote the estimated weight of their body as well. Further, the actual weight of these items was measured on the weighing scale. Thus the learners came up with the units of measurement kilograms and grams.

Learning outcome: To help them understand the usage of different units to measure different things.
[Homework] Lang- Complete the LWE book till pg.29 - week 6 - Day 3
Note: Kindly send an artifact with the learners. The artifact should describe something about the learner. The learners do not have to disclose the artifact with their peers in the class. The artifact is to be brought in an unseen bag tomorrow without fail.
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