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Day: September 19, 2014

English_Important note_Grade 9_Serendipity_Fortuity

English_Important note_Grade 9_Serendipity_Fortuity

Dear Students,

Most of you have completed the paper, please complete the other summary as well (Passage 2).

It will be helpful if you do it as you will be able to identify areas where you may still be lacking understanding. It is better that we clear all doubts way before the exams begin.

Next week we shall devote complete time to Literature.


Have a good weekend!



English Highlights of the Week_Grade 9_Eureka_Serendipity_Fortuity

English Highlights of the Week_Grade 9_Eureka_Serendipity_Fortuity

Dear Parents,


This week we started understanding Writer’s effect. In this the children need to analyse a short excerpt. The first step was to understand what writer’s effect is and how is it achieved. For this, the children were given a sheet of tools where they were acquainted with Parts/figures of speech that a writer uses to achieve an desired effect.

Then the students were divided into teams where they used these tools in groups and write a small story. The other students had to guess what tool has the writer used and what effect does it have on the readers.

The last step included solving a past year paper. The students were not only able to understand the form but also were able to apply this concept in their writing.

It is a bit complex, therefore understanding and writing that the children presented was a huge achievement.  🙂




Grade 8 – All Sections -English Highlights + Homework

Grade 8 – All Sections -English Highlights + Homework

Highlights – Students finished up the discussions of Stave 3 and worked on the workbook portion of Stave 3. Students also had an in class quiz on all the Staves covered till date.

Homework – Students have been given 2 descriptive pieces to read. Please read those and write your own description in the same way as those on a particular place that you would like others to visit. Please focus on the descriptive vocabulary used and try to use the same in your own writing. Due on Monday, day 5.

Hindi Homework G 10 Harbinger & Herald

Hindi Homework G 10 Harbinger & Herald

अपनी पाठ्य-पुस्तक पतवार में से पृष्ठ नंबर ८९ पर ‘कुंभ मेले ‘पर आधारित  दिए गए आलेख को पढ़कर उसका सार लेखन १००-१२० शब्दों में करें और पूछे गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर अपनी पाठ्य पुस्तक में ही लिखें |

Hindi homework G 9 Eureka,Serendipity & Fortuity

Hindi homework G 9 Eureka,Serendipity & Fortuity

आपके मेल के द्वारा शेयर किये लिंक से आलेख ‘युवा पीढ़ी ‘   पढ़कर उस आलेख का सार – लेखन १००-१२० शब्दों में करें और सोमवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएं |

Recap of 19/09/2014

Recap of 19/09/2014

Settling time:

Learners revised the new words for today’s Dictation test.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners explored World Map and wrote the reflection for the following questions asked in A 4 sheet:

1. Where would you like to go when you grow up?

2. Why you selected that place?


Learners wrote new words 3 times in their Language notebook.

high / life / grow / shift / travel / thought / move / those / Indian / under


Learners were given practice of the horizontal sums in their notebook. They had to solve the following sums:

1) 7366+2122=

2) 7689-1234=

3) 8136 – 7013=

4) 9248+0541=

5) 9876-5432=

6) 1061+2710=

They also self checked the sums after solving.

Learners revised odd and even numbers through “Caroll Diagram”.


Learners have to read a library book and have to write a story in their own words.



Recap of 19/09/14

Recap of 19/09/14

Settling task:  Learners started their day by reviewing the goals.

[Math]  Caroll diagram was introduced. Try to make them practice at home for better understanding.

[Language] Dictation test was taken. New words were provided to the learners.

1)high                2) life                         3)grow                          4) shift                       5) travel                                 6) thought        7) move                   8) those                        9)Indian                  10)under

They have written these words twice in their Language writing notebooks.

[Read Aloud] Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you see? written by Eric Carle.

[Homework] Learners have to read any 1 school library book (story book) and note down the story in their own words in the single lined page provided to them.  Motivate them with your proper assistance.

Single subjects: Hindi, Drama and  PS.

Note: Tomorrow is a working day. Day 1 will be followed.

Thank you,

Radhika Sharma 🙂