Recap of 19/09/14

Recap of 19/09/14

Settling task:  Learners started their day by reviewing the goals.

[Math]  Caroll diagram was introduced. Try to make them practice at home for better understanding.

[Language] Dictation test was taken. New words were provided to the learners.

1)high                2) life                         3)grow                          4) shift                       5) travel                                 6) thought        7) move                   8) those                        9)Indian                  10)under

They have written these words twice in their Language writing notebooks.

[Read Aloud] Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you see? written by Eric Carle.

[Homework] Learners have to read any 1 school library book (story book) and note down the story in their own words in the single lined page provided to them.  Motivate them with your proper assistance.

Single subjects: Hindi, Drama and  PS.

Note: Tomorrow is a working day. Day 1 will be followed.

Thank you,

Radhika Sharma 🙂



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