Recap of 19/09/2014

Recap of 19/09/2014

Settling time:

Learners revised the new words for today’s Dictation test.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners explored World Map and wrote the reflection for the following questions asked in A 4 sheet:

1. Where would you like to go when you grow up?

2. Why you selected that place?


Learners wrote new words 3 times in their Language notebook.

high / life / grow / shift / travel / thought / move / those / Indian / under


Learners were given practice of the horizontal sums in their notebook. They had to solve the following sums:

1) 7366+2122=

2) 7689-1234=

3) 8136 – 7013=

4) 9248+0541=

5) 9876-5432=

6) 1061+2710=

They also self checked the sums after solving.

Learners revised odd and even numbers through “Caroll Diagram”.


Learners have to read a library book and have to write a story in their own words.



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