Highlights and homework of 20th September

Highlights and homework of 20th September

Day 1


UOI : Learners wrote few questions in their UOI notebook based on which they will interview their parents and grandparents. The questions and the purpose of the interview was discussed with them in the class.

This was a Tuning in activity for the new unit.

Language : Learners listened to an audio clip of Chapter 9 of Charlotte’s Web and the chapter was discussed in the class.

Learners were given websites which they used to research on spiders using the Chromebook.


UOI : Answer the following questions written in your UOI notebook based on the interview of your parents and grandparents as discussed in the class:

1) What did you eat when you were young?
2) How did you travel when you were young?
3) How did you communicate when you were young?
4)How did you dress when you were young?
5) How did you spend your spare time when you were young?

The same questions have to be asked to parents and grandparents.

Language : Complete the graphic organizer of spider with facts written on it with the help of the following websites on the A4 sheet given:

Note: Day 5 will be followed on Monday 22/9/2014
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