Highlights of the day – 20th September.

Highlights of the day – 20th September.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Today, we had an interesting learning engagement “Hot Potato Activity”. Learners were paired up and they have to write an answer to the question written on the paper. There were 9 questions to be answered and the time given was 2 minutes. The purpose of doing this activity was get to know the prior knowledge about the upcoming unit. The learners were able to reflect that these questions talk about our health/ well being/ and also its about heart, mind, body and soul.


Learners did chapter no. 15, Prelutsky poem. They chanted this poem in the class and answered few questions related to it.


Activity related to addition and subtraction of decimal numbers. The students had to pick up books from the library and add the prices of the books shopped by them and later subtract it from their desired pocket money. They solved this word problem in their Math note book.


UOI: Write 5 words connected to ‘well being’ in your UOI book.

Language: Grammar worksheet given.
E.E – Choose an animal you think represents you. You need to draw it, can even cloth the animal and write the characterstics along with the drawing.

Math: Online homework on blendspace. Task no. 4, 5, 6 and 7.


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