Recap of the day- 20/9/2014

Recap of the day- 20/9/2014

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote 2 sentences using the words “under” and “behind”.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Read aloud of the story- “Grandfather’s Journey” by Allen Say. After the read aloud learners had a discussion on the same. Following questions were asked to the learners.

Questions:- 1) What do you think grandfather did in this story? 2) What was the reason grandfather did so? 3) How did grandfather feel doing so?

Learners discussed on the above questions and came up with the word “migration”.


Empowering English- Learners read the story “The monkey and the crocodile”. They also coloured the adjectives in the story.

Language Development- Learners revised the concept of grammar through the exercise given in the Language with ease reference book.


Learners drew symmetrical objects making connections with the real life examples.

Note:- L.E.A.P session was conducted.



Learners have to do the given graphic organizer worksheet.


Disha Thakkar.

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