Reflection of the day (20/09/14)

Reflection of the day (20/09/14)

Settling task: Learners revised the new dictation words.


6 Descriptive writing  traits:

1) Ideas- Heart of the piece, main theme of the piece. (revised)

2) Organising: Ideas are written in a logical and sequential manner. (revised)

3) Voice  : The writing contains the feelings and convictions of the individual writer. (revised)

4) Language fluency: The writing is easy to read and understanding. The writing ‘flows’. (introduced)

5) Vocabulary : The writing includes rich, colourful language. (introduced)

6) Conventions: The writing  includes correct grammar, punctuation, correct spellings and paragraphing.  (introduced)


Learners enthusiastically  drew free hand symmetrical designs and deepen their understanding regarding symmetry.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

World map was shown to them. Time was provided to them  to observe it  and later on questions like Where you would like to go when you grow up? Give reason  why? were raised. They jotted the answers in the paper and expressed themselves. Ex: I want to go to Canada to study Science.


Worksheet is given. Kindly guide them for the same.

Word – Organised.

Single subjects: PS, Hindi, Gujarati.

Thank you,

Radhika Sharma 🙂

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