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Day: September 24, 2014

Homework 24th September’14

Homework 24th September’14


Write about your multi-talents on the A4 sheet given to you. Make it as creative as you can.


Solve the below given sums pictorially and numerically using the graph paper given to you.

2.5 * 1.3

5 * 2.5

1.2 * 1.8

5.5 * 1.5

4.5 * 4

2.5 * 2

[Unit Of Inquiry]

To be done in UOI notebook: Think back on what you had disliked about your body and does it matter anymore.Write ways by which you can create a positive thoughts about what you disliked.



English_Homework_Grade8Verve and Vivacity

English_Homework_Grade8Verve and Vivacity

Dear all,

We’ve already discussed and sequenced Stave 4 in the class today. In order to check your understanding, kindly read first 5 pages of the stave again as a part of homework. In the next class we’ll discuss any doubts that any one of you may have.

There’ll also be a small question-answer round (orals) to check your understanding. Ensure that you all do the reading with complete attention and sincerity!



Character Dress up day!!!

Character Dress up day!!!

Learners were dressed up in their colourful costumes, depicting different characters   and spoke about the story . The effort of children and the hard work of the parents behind each child were highly commendable.The purpose of conducting the character dress up day was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of their peers.

Recap of 24th Septhember

Recap of 24th Septhember

Settling task: Learners initiated their day by reading class library books.

[Read Aloud] The very busy spider written by Eric Carle.

Music and movement:  Learners grooved on the song ‘Let’s star jump’.

[Homework] Week 6 – home task (LD reference book is provided to the learners).

[Highlight Of The Day] Learners explored the business fair organized by the higher grades enthusiastically.

Single subjects: PS, Gujarati and Hindi.


Radhika Sharma 🙂