Grade 6, Enlighten, Highlights and homework for 24th September, 2014

Grade 6, Enlighten, Highlights and homework for 24th September, 2014

UOI: Discussion of I-wall and the role of revolutionaries in Indian freedom struggle

Language: Writer’s workshop: Students learnt the structure of a persuasive letter and wrote a letter together as a class



Task 1 and 2 -Submission date: 25th September; 

Task 3-submission-Monday-29th September

Task 1)Video on Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad and understand their perspectives on Indian freedom struggle:

Blendspace-Task 8 and 9:

Task 2)Answer the questions for I Wall based on the videos on Bhagat singh and Chandrashekhar Azad

Task 3)Think back on your learning throughout the case study of Indian freedom struggle and represent your understanding on the following points (A3 paper) (You can do it creatively)

a)Answer the I-wall questions based on your overall understanding of the Indian freedom struggle
b)What were your key learning from the case study?
c)How can you motivate people to apply it in real-life . For example, During the first session we learn that Britishers gained an upper hand over India because the kings were not united during that time, so I can apply this learning in class/sports that a united team cannot be divided (Unity is strength)
d) You can include pictures/map of India


Language: Writer’s workshop:

1. Watch this PPt for revising your learning about Persuasive writing

2. Refer to the following link to understand how a same thing has been written in different ways. The link also shows how they have been assessed by the teachers in detail. This will help you to have a clear picture of how to go about writing a persuasive letter.

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