Highlights and Homework.

Highlights and Homework.


Settling Time: Learners wrote words of the week. “imagination, perspective, curious, nibble, marvelous, adventures, appreciation, enchanted, strange and impatient”


Learners were introduced to the imagination workstations. They were given prompts for each workstation. The workstations and the prompts are as follows:

(1) Rangometry:
Learners placed the rangometry objects on the scrap book and drew the outline of it. Thus, turning it to an imaginary object.
(i) What instigated you to create this object? (II) Mention the number of shapes used by you.
(2) Thumb prints:
Learners created three themes using three thumbprints of their own.
 Name the themes
(3) Imaginary Body:
Learners imagined how they want their body to be and thus drew an imaginary body?
(i) What is different about it? (ii) Why do you think we should have this kind of physique?
(4) Circle interpretation :
Learners drew five circles and thus created an imaginary object from it.
(i) Why you chose to make this figure?(ii) What you thought while choosing it? Give reason.
(5) Suzan Striker worksheet
Learners saw several pictures. The pictures referred to the use of scissor to create several imaginary objects. The learners were given three worksheets and they had to select any one to create the imaginary picture.
Learning Outcome: To stimulate imagination.
Empowering English: Learns recited the poem “Conversation”. The animal sounds were discussed through the poem. The sound of several animals was also written on the board. Thus, the learners were introduced to the figure of speech “Onomatopoeia.”
Learning Outcome: To enhance the comprehension skills through poems.
A real life example was given to the learners to represent the data through the graph. The data was written on the board and the learners represented it through the Bar Graph. Learners also answered several interpretation questions based on the data analysis.
Learning Outcome: To enhance data handling skills.
Math :

Make a bar graph on the age of brothers and sisters in your graph book. You can take 4 children of your house. (they can be cousins) The X- axis will have the name of the cousins and Y – axis will have the age of the cousins

 The middle year students have organized a business fair in the school. Kindly send a maximum of 100 rupees with the students, so that they can purchase the items of their choice from the fair.
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