Recap of the day – 24/9/2014 – Day 1

Recap of the day – 24/9/2014 – Day 1

Settling Time: Learners wrote words of the week, imagination, perspective, curious, nibble, marvellous,adventures, appreciation, enchanted, strange and impatient”

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners guessed the TDT of the unit on the basis of the videos seen by them and the activities of the workstations. Thus, they came up with the TDT of the current unit “How we express ourselves”. They continued with the activities of the workstations.

Learning Outcome: To stimulate imagination.


Learners orally predicted the further story of the reader “The Magic Faraway Tree”and read chapter 2 “Off to the enchanted woods”. 

Learning Outcome: To enhance their imagination skills.


Checking of the homework was done and the doubts were cleared.



Make a bar graph on the chocolates liked by family members. The chocolates are Fruit and Nut, Silk, Crackle and 5 Star  The X- axis will have the name of the chocolates and Y – axis will have the likings of the family member. Kindly label the x-axis and the y-axis and mention the scale as well.
The middle year students have organized a business fair in the school. Kindly send a maximum of 100 rupees with the students, so that they can purchase the items of their choice from the fair.
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