Highlights of the week.

Highlights of the week.

Circle Time:

  • Revision of all the rhymes done so far.
  • video to introduce half past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwdaCiWrR2A
  • Morning Message :-We can express our ideas , feelings and emotions through different ways.
  • Word of The Week:- “mime”.

Read aloud-

  1. Catch that crocodile by Anushka Ravishanka.
  2. It’s graduation day by Grace Maccarone.
  3. The ugly duckling- Fairy Tale.
  4. I was so mad-Mercer Mayer.
  • Music and Movement-Wiggle It by patty Shukla

Link :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfoY49Nnnns


  • Introduction of ‘ack’ family through literacy centres( words are:-back, pack ,rack , stack,snack ,black,track,quack, sack )
  • Writing ‘ack’ family words 3 times in the notebook.

Learning Centres :

1) Matching flashcards with words.

2) Reading sentences of “ack” family from spiral booklet.

3) Listening to the video of “ack” family .

4) “ack” family word slider activity

Waiting zone workstation :- colouring of “ack ” family booklet

  • Reading from booklet and the reader- Ten apples up on top.


  • Introduction of numbers 61 to 70 through ganit mala (tens and ones concept)
  • Before , after and between numbers (1 to 70).
  • Math 3- pgs 57, 59, 60, 61.
  • Introduction of Number names 11 to 14. Writing of number names in the notebook.

Learning centers:

Center1: Before numbers 51 to 70 through flash cards.

Center 2: After numbers 51 to 70 through flash cards.

Center 3: Skip counting by 2 and 10.

Center 4: Writing Corner: backward numbers 70 to 1 in cw notebook.

Center 5: Arranging numbers 51 to 70 forward and backward.

UOI : How we express ourselves:

Central Idea- We can express ourselves in different ways.

After the read aloud of the “Three fish friends” and “Cindrella” the  students selected a character from the book.  During the class discussion we discussed  all the emotions the character  went through and expressed those emotions through different forms of expression(dance, mime, singing)

Friday homework:

Language- Two worksheets on ‘all’ family.

Math- Two worksheets.

Note- We have started with 4 letter sight words. Please make your child practice these sight words regularly.


Payal Jain

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