Reflection of 26/09/14

Reflection of 26/09/14

Morning task: Learners revised the attributes of attitudes.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Guest session by Mr. Vardan Kabra, where he shared his own story of migration through tripline.
  • Learners curiously asked him questions related to the current unit ‘ Migration’ like What was the reason of your migration?How did you feel when you left your friends and migrated to other places?
  • The session helped them to deepen their understanding about the unit.


  • Dictation test was taken and new words were  introduced.

New words:

1) total  2) difference 3) knowledgeable 4) travel 5) play

6) shifting 7) show   8) place    9) where 10) people

  • Learners wrote these words twice in their language and writing book.


  • Learners revised 3D shapes taught in grade 1.
  • The class discussed about the number of vertices, edges and faces of the shapes.

(cuboid, cube, cylinder, cone)




  • Mixed bag worksheet

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Personal history worksheet: It’s a questionnaire which learners have to fill interviewing any family member, relatives, neighbors, friends,etc (who have migrated).  Proper guidance from your side will make this task more engaging. 🙂

Kind Regards,

Radhika Sharma 🙂

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