Literary event – Story telling competition

Literary event – Story telling competition

Dear Parents,

Telling stories have long been recognized as an important part of healing, self-knowledge, and personal and spiritual vehicle for connecting us to other people. We use stories to construct meaning and communicate ourselves to another. Stories help us organize and make sense of the experiences of life. Stories are important. They nourish our imagination, fill our dreams, entertain and inspire us, and so they are critical to our sense of who we are. Therefore, the theme selected for the literary event of Grade 1 is ‘Story telling’, wherein the children are required to narrate any story.

Please note the following points for the event:

  1. The story should be narrated in English language.
  2. Time Limit: 2.30 minutes
  3. The child must come dressed up as any character from the story.
  4. Props may be used to enhance the overall effect.
  5. The auditions will be held on Monday, 13th October 2014.
  6. The final event will take place on Thursday, 16th October 2014.
  7. The parameters for the selection and judgement will be as follows:

    a) Choice of the story; b)  Diction);  c) Voice modulation; d) Effective usage of props; e) memory; f) time; g) poise (eye contact).

    NOTE: The parents need to select the story for their ward and prepare them at home accordingly.


Grade 1 team.

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