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Day: September 30, 2014

Family Visit: Nuclear Family With Grandparents- Jr. KG Orange And Green

Family Visit: Nuclear Family With Grandparents- Jr. KG Orange And Green

Learners went on a family visit to a nuclear family with grandparents’ home  and enhanced their knowledge about different family types and roles and responsibilities of different family members towards the family.

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Suchi Dakoria and Jigna Chevli
Homeroom Teacher, Jr.KG Orange and Green
Character dress up day…..

Character dress up day…..

Learners were very excited on “Character Dress up Day”.They were dressed up in their colourful costumes, depicting different characters  and narrated the story . The effort of children and the hard work of the parents behind each child were highly commendable. The purpose of conducting the character dress up day was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of their peers.


Ambuja Sharma.

Grade 3 Imbue, Recap of the day – 30 sept ’14 Day 5

Grade 3 Imbue, Recap of the day – 30 sept ’14 Day 5

Settling Task- solve spot the error worksheet.

Math: Students made a bar graph on the basis of height  of students in the class .

Learning outcome: To enhance their data handling skills and presenting the same through a line graph

Lang : Learners read chapter-3 “The Land of Topsy-Turvy” from the reader “The Magic Faraway Tree”

Learning Outcome: To enhance their imagination skills, integrated with UOI.

UOI: Tap & Posture activity.Learners imagined a posture and then they add on to that posture and created a story. They also wrote the story in their scrapbook..

Learning Outcome: To enhance their imagination.

Complete the Susan strikers worksheets. (Put on your thinking hats and glide into the world of imagination).

Learn the poem Conversation, cat, mice.

Be prepared for dictation of new words given to you on day 1 .

Note :  Graph  for which you collected Data  from other classes will be revised again so if you have the complete data make the graph otherwise we will do it in class.



Athletics District Competition Results

Athletics District Competition Results

Dear Parents/Students,

I am proud to announce the names of Fountainhead School winners who stood first and second in the Athletics District Competition which was held at J.B Diamond school today. Results are as follows. Students who stood first will be going further for the states level competition.

Under-14 Girls
Vaishvi Kapadia: Discuss Throw 1st and 2nd in shot put
Dhwani Jain: 400 meters 2nd
Bhavya Jain: Hurdles 2nd

Under-17 Boys
Abhishek Shah: Hurdles 1st

Under-19 Boys
Rrutvik Modi: High Jump 1st and 1st in Hurdles

Under-19 Girls
Shivani Ghantiwala: High Jump 1st and 1st in Hurdles

Congratulation and Keep it up guys.

Highlights of 29th and 30th September and homework of 30th September

Highlights of 29th and 30th September and homework of 30th September


UOI :  Learners filled the KWL chart. The chart was divided into three columns. The 1st column had the heading ‘What I know’, the 2nd heading was ‘What I want to know’ and the 3rd heading was ‘What I learned’”. This chart was used instead of burning chart for this Unit.

Unpacking of the Central Idea was done by the teacher after the above discussion. Teacher prompted the learners to derive the Central idea of the unit.

Language :

1) Learners read chapter 13 ‘Good Progress’ from the reader Charlotte’s Web along with the audio in form of read aloud from youtube.

2) The following video was shown to the students in the class and they were asked to make notes about the important facts and events that took place in that person’s life. (Dhirubhai Ambani) Teacher explained about ‘What is a Biography?’ to the students by – ‘A biography is a detailed description or account of a person’s life narrated by a third person. It entails more than basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death—a biography also portrays subject’s experience of these events, a biography presents a subject’s life story, highlighting various aspects of his/her life, including intimate details of experience, and may include an analysis of the subject’s personality’ in detail.

The biography of Mr Dhirubhai Ambani was written on the board by the teacher with inputs from the learners and the facts they had collected after watching the video yesterday. The learners copied the same in their Language writing notebook.

Math : Learners practiced equivalent fractions and comparing of fractions on Khan academy using the Chromebook.



1) Prepare for the dictation to be taken tomorrow. The words are given below;

steadily, gloomily, honestly, budge, mentioned, bitterly, absolutely, frolic, cautiously, trough, gnawing, approximately, disgust, appropriate, salutations, expression, objectionable, blundered, furiously, inheritance, innocent, excitement, morals, scruples, decency.

2) Choose a person/celebrity of your choice and make a mind-map about his/her life facts and events as and when it happened in sequence.

(Note – Learners will write Biography using this facts in class tomorrow)

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