Excogitate, Homework for 30th Sep’14

Excogitate, Homework for 30th Sep’14

Math: Complete the Level 2 Worksheet.

Language : Identify one good speaker and his greatest speech ever. Also write about the impact it has made on the audience at large.

Writer’s Workshop: Refer to the image given and write a persuasive letter for it in your WWS NB. Image is emailed to you.

UOI: Based on the discussion that we had in class, find below the links for your reference:-
Tips and tricks for conducting online research-http://www.hackcollege.com/blog/2011/11/23/infographic-get-more-out-of-google.html

How to write bibliography- http://intranet.dalton.org/MSLIB/citation.html

You are required to take key notes for the same in your UOI notebook.

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