Grade 3 Imbue, Recap of the day – 30 sept ’14 Day 5

Grade 3 Imbue, Recap of the day – 30 sept ’14 Day 5

Settling Task- solve spot the error worksheet.

Math: Students made a bar graph on the basis of height  of students in the class .

Learning outcome: To enhance their data handling skills and presenting the same through a line graph

Lang : Learners read chapter-3 “The Land of Topsy-Turvy” from the reader “The Magic Faraway Tree”

Learning Outcome: To enhance their imagination skills, integrated with UOI.

UOI: Tap & Posture activity.Learners imagined a posture and then they add on to that posture and created a story. They also wrote the story in their scrapbook..

Learning Outcome: To enhance their imagination.

Complete the Susan strikers worksheets. (Put on your thinking hats and glide into the world of imagination).

Learn the poem Conversation, cat, mice.

Be prepared for dictation of new words given to you on day 1 .

Note :  Graph  for which you collected Data  from other classes will be revised again so if you have the complete data make the graph otherwise we will do it in class.



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