Highlights and homework of 30th September

Highlights and homework of 30th September


Day 5

Language : The biography of Mr Dhirubhai Ambani was written on the board by the teacher with inputs from the learners and the facts they had collected after watching the video yesterday. The learners copied the same in their Language writing notebook.

Learners also completed the  Language game they had started making yesterday.

Math : Learners practiced equivalent fractions on Khan academy using the Chromebook.

Homework : 

Prepare for the dictation to be taken tomorrow. The words are given below:

steadily, gloomily, honestly, budge, mentioned, bitterly, absolutely, frolic, cautiously, trough, gnawing, approximately, disgust, appropriate, salutations, expression, objectionable, blundered, furiously, inheritance, innocent, excitement, morals, scruples, decency.

Note : Bring a stencil/rounder tomorrow to school.

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