Middle years science fair notice (for grade 7,8 and 9)

Middle years science fair notice (for grade 7,8 and 9)

Dear students,

The MY Science fair is planned on 13th and 14 th November, 2014 for grade 7,8 and 9.

The vacation H.W. will be posted by your homeroom teachers on the blog in which the Coordinated Science H.W. is to work on the project you have decided for science fair. Project work will be assessed and the marks will be included in the final assessment marks as a part of Internal assessment.

Important points:

1. This time for grade 8 and 9 , the fair is a theme based fair. For grade 7 there is no theme.

2. The themes are:

For Grade 8: Force, Magnetism, Sound and Density

For Grade 9: Energy, Chemical changes and Organ systems

3. Students will form a group of maximum 4 students from their respective section and select a theme to work on. (Note: No intersection groups are allowed)

4.You need to finalize your group idea with possible requirements till 08/10/2014 Wednesday. You need to prepare a chart which mentions: Principle, construction , working and real life application of your project. Please cite sources.

5.In case if the chemicals used are very toxic or project selected is causing harm to the school community, it will be rejected. In that case , you will be given two days more after the submission date to rework on your idea.

6. The form will be posted on the blog by Nihar sir today itself.You all need to fill up the form as a group. Please mention possible requirements of the project.

7. Ideas after the last date won’t be accepted except if we have rejected a project.

8. After the filling of first form, another form will be posted on the blog for requirements you need from school. A list of items that can be provided by the school will be listed.

9. All safety measures must be considered will deciding the project. Laboratory coat and safety glasses are a must if your project has chemicals involved during the science fair. Moreover, laboratory coat needs to be worn by everyone.

10. Complete school uniform is a must with school shoes.

11. After the Diwali vacation, you will have group viva (questions will be asked by the teacher) before the science fair in respective science slots.

12. After the completion of science fair, you need to give a presentation on your project in science slots.

13. Project will be assessed on the following criteria :

  • Team work: 2 marks
  • Idea: 1 mark
  • Research and presentation: 4 marks (It includes- Principle, Construction and Working, Real life examples and sources)
  • Originality of work(You have made it yourself): 1 mark
  • Viva : 2 mark

If you have any query, please feel free to meet any science teacher.


Science team.

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