Recap of 30th September

Recap of 30th September

Settling task: Learners wrote about the topic- ‘If I can go to space’.

[Language] They also read the chapter 6 “The Monkey and The Crocodile” from Empowering English reference book and discussed the questions.

[Math] Learners were introduced 3 new 3 D shapes- “Triangular based pyramid”, “Square based pyramid” and “Triangular prism”.

[Unit Of Inquiry]Learners were read 2 case studies of students who migrated from one place to another. The two lines of inquiry: 1) Our personal migration history and 2) The reasons why people migrate were focused through it. The link for the same is:

Music and movement:

[Homework] Let’s star jump.

Tooty tata

[Language] A worksheet related to the Monkey and crocodile story. (Empowering English reference book is provided to the learners.)

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