Recap of the day – 30/9/2014 – Day 5

Recap of the day – 30/9/2014 – Day 5

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Clay Activity: Learners made cartoon character using clay. They also presented a story related to the cartoon character. Further, they answered the following prompts in the scrap book:

(1) Name the cartoon character.
(2) Why you chose to make this cartoon character?

Learning Outcome: To enhance imagination.


AIE: Learners listened to the book Mermaids Tea Cup – Level Q.

Learning Outcome: To enhance reading and comprehension skills.

Line Graph: Learners learned to co-ordinate the points on a line graph. X-axis had numbers ranging from 1 to 10 and Taxis had alphabets from A to J. Thus, they identified the following co-ordinates J5, H9, A2, G6, B4, C10, D7.

Learning Outcome: To enhance their data handling skills and presenting the same through a line graph.



Draw a line graph on the basis of the data written in the graph book.


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