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Day: October 3, 2014

Emerging readers of Sr Kg Glimmer…

Emerging readers of Sr Kg Glimmer…

Glimpses of the students , where they were given the book “HOP ON POP” by Dr. Suess.    As they are now familiar with many sight words and also different word families, they were able to read the unfamiliar words on their own. This motivated them to read more.

A humble request to parents, please make your child read daily, after all we at Fountainhead believe- ‘READERS ARE LEADERS’!!

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Guided play:- Let’s Move and jump on the Numbers

Guided play:- Let’s Move and jump on the Numbers

Learners participated enthusiastically in the activity by moving and jumping on  the numbers  {31-60 }on the floor. This activity helped learners to revise and learn  skip counting by ‘2’ with body movements. 

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UOI:Family tree

UOI:Family tree

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Learners prepared their family tree by sticking pictures of family members and then they did Show and Tell with it to explain the family members and the type of family they belong to.

Highlights and homework of 1st October

Highlights and homework of 1st October

Highlights :

UOI : Learners were given few questions which they answered on a A4 sheet. This learning engagement was done to derive the Key concepts of the current unit.

Language :The learners created a game based on Chapters 11, 12, and 13 of Charlotte’s Web, on the topic given to them earlier.

Homework : 

UOI : Get newspaper or magazine cutouts about any exploration or discovery that has taken place.

Math : Fraction worksheet.

Language : Click on the following link to check homework in detail

Language homework for grade 4 related to the reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’

Note : The dictation of the words posted yesterday will be taken on 6th October, Monday.

Happy weekend….:)

Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh

Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh

Dear Students

Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh Dates are as follows: –

Boys 07-oct

Girls 08-oct

Venue- Bardoli
Selection List is as follows

Name                                       Grade

Swayam  Shah                          4

Manav  Shah                              5

Kanhav  Todi                              5

Nishil  Kapadia                          6

Avya  Rathod                              6

Anushka  Bhansali                   4

Aarushi  Bhansali                    6

Kyari     Shah                              6

Dhrasti  Kelawala                    6

Selected students for the  competition  will have to come to school with the primary kid’s timings. i.e. 7:30 am. Students come together in the TT  area and report to Mahmood sir. Students will leave for the competition with coach and Female support staff from school at 7:45 am sharp.

Parents can attend the event and come to the competition venue by their own transport.

In case if event finishes late, we will inform parents by sms/call.

Things to be carried-

 -T.T racket , I-card

-Dress (School T-shirt, Short,shoes)

-Water bottle, Lemonade/ glucose

-Sufficient food for the day ( avoid junk food)