Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh

Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh

Dear Students

Table-Tennis Khel Mahakumbh Dates are as follows: –

Boys 07-oct

Girls 08-oct

Venue- Bardoli
Selection List is as follows

Name                                       Grade

Swayam  Shah                          4

Manav  Shah                              5

Kanhav  Todi                              5

Nishil  Kapadia                          6

Avya  Rathod                              6

Anushka  Bhansali                   4

Aarushi  Bhansali                    6

Kyari     Shah                              6

Dhrasti  Kelawala                    6

Selected students for the  competition  will have to come to school with the primary kid’s timings. i.e. 7:30 am. Students come together in the TT  area and report to Mahmood sir. Students will leave for the competition with coach and Female support staff from school at 7:45 am sharp.

Parents can attend the event and come to the competition venue by their own transport.

In case if event finishes late, we will inform parents by sms/call.

Things to be carried-

 -T.T racket , I-card

-Dress (School T-shirt, Short,shoes)

-Water bottle, Lemonade/ glucose

-Sufficient food for the day ( avoid junk food)

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