Highlights and Homework – 6th October 2014

Highlights and Homework – 6th October 2014

Day 1

Highlights :

LANGUAGE – Students wrote a paragraph (100-150 words) on their own in their Lang writing notebooks, referring the mind map they did as weekend homework. They were informed that the best 3/4 pieces will be shared with the whole class, which motivated them to write the paragraph to their best.

Dictation was taken in the class today.

MATH – Learners practiced Equivalent fractions in their notebook and comparing fractions through LCD.

Homework : 

UOI : Get newspaper or magazine cutouts about any exploration or discovery that has taken place.

Math : Covert the following to lowest terms:( In Math notebook)

1. 18/63

2. 20/45

3. 36/108.

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