Highlights and Homework of 6th October

Highlights and Homework of 6th October


UOI : Unpacking of the Central Idea was done by the teacher after the above discussion. Teacher prompted the learners to derive the Central idea of the unit. The TDT was also highlighted by the learners.

Learners were given few questions which they answered on a A4 sheet. This learning engagement was done to derive the Key concepts of the current unit.

Language: Dictation was taken today in the class.

Learners wrote the biography of the person/celebrity, on whom they had researched at home, in their Language writing book.

Learners have started preparing for the given chapters in their groups.

Math:  Odering of Fractions (ascending and descending) which was given as previous homework was solved on the board. Also, learners practised many more sums of Ordering Fractions.


Maths: Complete the worksheet given in class.

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